PlasmaQuick Namespace Reference


class  AppletPopup
class  ConfigModel
class  Dialog
class  EdgeEventForwarder
class  PopupPlasmaWindow
class  SharedQmlEngine


static Qt::Edges bordersToEdge (KSvg::FrameSvg::EnabledBorders borders)
static KSvg::FrameSvg::EnabledBorders edgeToBorder (Qt::Edges edges)
static bool isRunningInKWin ()

Detailed Description

The EdgeEventForwarder class This class forwards edge events to be replayed within the given margin This is useful if children do not touch the edge of a window, but want to get input events.

Function Documentation

◆ bordersToEdge()

static Qt::Edges PlasmaQuick::bordersToEdge ( KSvg::FrameSvg::EnabledBorders borders)

Definition at line 112 of file plasmawindow.cpp.

◆ edgeToBorder()

static KSvg::FrameSvg::EnabledBorders PlasmaQuick::edgeToBorder ( Qt::Edges edges)

Definition at line 92 of file plasmawindow.cpp.

◆ isRunningInKWin()

static bool PlasmaQuick::isRunningInKWin ( )

Definition at line 157 of file dialog.cpp.

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