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KConfigBase Member List

This is the complete list of members for KConfigBase, including all inherited members.

AccessMode enum nameKConfigBase
accessMode() const =0KConfigBasepure virtual
deleteGroup(const QString &group, WriteConfigFlags flags=Normal)KConfigBase
deleteGroup(const QByteArray &group, WriteConfigFlags flags=Normal)KConfigBase
deleteGroup(const char *group, WriteConfigFlags flags=Normal)KConfigBase
deleteGroupImpl(const QByteArray &group, WriteConfigFlags flags=Normal)=0KConfigBaseprotectedpure virtual
Global enum valueKConfigBase
group(const QString &group)KConfigBase
group(const QByteArray &group)KConfigBase
group(const char *group)KConfigBase
group(const QString &group) const KConfigBase
group(const QByteArray &group) const KConfigBase
group(const char *group) const KConfigBase
groupImpl(const QByteArray &group)=0KConfigBaseprotectedpure virtual
groupImpl(const QByteArray &group) const =0KConfigBaseprotectedpure virtual
groupList() const =0KConfigBasepure virtual
hasGroup(const QString &group) const KConfigBase
hasGroup(const char *group) const KConfigBase
hasGroup(const QByteArray &group) const KConfigBase
hasGroupImpl(const QByteArray &group) const =0KConfigBaseprotectedpure virtual
isGroupImmutable(const QString &group) const KConfigBase
isGroupImmutable(const QByteArray &group) const KConfigBase
isGroupImmutable(const char *group) const KConfigBase
isGroupImmutableImpl(const QByteArray &group) const =0KConfigBaseprotectedpure virtual
isImmutable() const =0KConfigBasepure virtual
KConfigBase() (defined in KConfigBase)KConfigBaseprotected
Localized enum valueKConfigBase
markAsClean()=0KConfigBasepure virtual
NoAccess enum value (defined in KConfigBase)KConfigBase
Normal enum valueKConfigBase
Notify enum valueKConfigBase
Persistent enum valueKConfigBase
ReadOnly enum value (defined in KConfigBase)KConfigBase
ReadWrite enum value (defined in KConfigBase)KConfigBase
sync()=0KConfigBasepure virtual
virtual_hook(int id, void *data)KConfigBaseprotectedvirtual
WriteConfigFlag enum nameKConfigBase
WriteConfigFlags typedefKConfigBase
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