Deprecated List
Member KAuthorized::authorizeKAction (const QString &action)
since 5.24, use authorizeAction() instead.
Member KConfig::forceGlobal () const
Since 4.0
Member KConfig::setForceGlobal (bool force)
Since 4.0
Member KConfigGroup::changeGroup (const QString &group)
Since 5.0 Create another KConfigGroup from the parent of this group instead.
Member KConfigGroup::changeGroup (const char *group)
Since 5.0. Create another KConfigGroup from the parent of this group instead.
Member KConfigGui::sessionConfigName ()
since 5.11, use sessionConfig()->name()
Member KCoreConfigSkeleton::addItemInt64 (const QString &name, qint64 &reference, qint64 defaultValue=0, const QString &key=QString())
Since 5.0, use addItemLongLong().
Member KCoreConfigSkeleton::addItemUInt64 (const QString &name, quint64 &reference, quint64 defaultValue=0, const QString &key=QString())
Since 5.0, use addItemULongLong().
Member KCoreConfigSkeleton::ItemEnum::choices2 () const
since 5.0, use choices() const.
Member KCoreConfigSkeleton::readConfig ()
since 5.0, call load() instead (to reload from disk) or just read() if the underlying KConfig object is already up-to-date.
Member KCoreConfigSkeleton::usrReadConfig ()
since 5.0, override usrRead instead.
Member KCoreConfigSkeleton::usrWriteConfig ()
since 5.0, override usrSave instead.
Member KCoreConfigSkeleton::writeConfig ()
since 5.0, call save() instead.
Member KDesktopFile::readDevice () const
since 5.82, for lack of usage, the FSDevice .desktop template hadn't been installed for a long time.
Member KDesktopFile::resource () const
Since 5.89, use locationType() instead.
Member KDesktopFile::sortOrder () const
since 5.42 SortOrder was used to specify the order of menu items, but the Desktop Menu Specification defines another mechanism for it.
Member KEMailSettings::currentProfileName () const
Since 5.0
Member KEMailSettings::InServerMBXType
since 5.0
Member KEMailSettings::InServerTLS
since 5.0
Member KEMailSettings::InServerType
since 5.0
Member KEMailSettings::OutServerCommand
since 5.0
Member KEMailSettings::OutServerTLS
since 5.0
Member KEMailSettings::OutServerType
since 5.0
Member KStandardShortcut::find (const char *keyName)
since 5.71, use findByName(const QString &name) instead
Member KStandardShortcut::SaveOptions
since 5.39
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