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 CAddressPostal address information
 CAddresseeAddress book entry
 CAddressFormatInformation on how addresses are formatted in a specific country/language
 CAddressFormatElementA single element in an address format
 CAddressFormatRepositoryProvides address format information for a given country
 CCalendarUrlClass that holds a Calendar Url (FBURL/CALADRURI/CALURI)
 CClientPidMapClass that holds a ClientPidMap for a contact
 CContactGroupThis class represents a group of contacts
 CContactGroupReferenceThis class represents a contact group reference
 CContactReferenceThis class represents a contact reference
 CDataThis class represents a contact data object
 CEmailClass that holds a Email for a contact
 CFieldGroupClass that holds a FieldGroup for a contact
 CGenderClass that holds a Gender for a contact
 CGeoGeographic position
 CImppClass that holds a IMPP for a contact
 CKeyA class to store an encryption key
 CLangClass that holds a Language for a contact
 CNickNameClass that holds a NickName for a contact
 CNoteClass that holds a Note for a contact
 COrgClass that holds a Organization for a contact
 CPhoneNumberPhonenumber information
 CPictureA class to store a picture of an addressee
 CRelatedDescribes a relationship of an Addressee
 CResourceLocatorUrlClass that holds a Resource Locator
 CRoleClass that holds a Role for a contact
 CSecrecyDescribes the confidentiality of an addressee
 CSoundClass that holds a Sound clip for a contact
 CTimeZoneTime zone information
 CTitleClass that holds a Title for a contact
 CVCardConverterClass to converting contact objects into vCard format and vice versa
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