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Lanczos Class Reference

Inherits ShaderEffect.


real antiRingingStrength
real resolution
real sinc
var source
size sourceSize
size targetSize
real windowSinc

Detailed Description

A ShaderEffect that makes use of the Lanczos resampling method for scaling textures.

Lanczos resampling tries to preserve detail when scaling down images and thus looks less blurry compared to a simple linear interpolation.

This effect implements a single-pass Lanczos resampling filter using two lobes. Everything is done in the shader, with some defaults set for parameters. These defaults were designed to provide a good visual result when scaling down window thumbnails.

Definition at line 18 of file Lanczos.qml.

Property Documentation

◆ antiRingingStrength

real Lanczos::antiRingingStrength

The amount of anti-ringing to apply.

Defaults to 0.65

Definition at line 51 of file Lanczos.qml.

◆ resolution

real Lanczos::resolution

The resolution of the Lanczos effect.

Larger values mean reduced (more pixelated) results. Defaults to 0.98 to achieve good results.

Definition at line 58 of file Lanczos.qml.

◆ sinc

real Lanczos::sinc

Lanczos Sinc function factor.

Defaults to 1.0

Definition at line 45 of file Lanczos.qml.

◆ source

var Lanczos::source

The source texture.

Can be any QQuickTextureProvider.

Definition at line 23 of file Lanczos.qml.

◆ sourceSize

size Lanczos::sourceSize

The size of the source texture.

Used to perform aspect ratio correction.

Definition at line 27 of file Lanczos.qml.

◆ targetSize

size Lanczos::targetSize

The target size of the Lanczos effect.

Defaults to the width and height of this effect.

Definition at line 33 of file Lanczos.qml.

◆ windowSinc

real Lanczos::windowSinc

Lanczos window Sinc function factor.

Defaults to 0.4

Definition at line 39 of file Lanczos.qml.

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