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[detail level 123]
 CBadgeEffectUses the badge overlay shader to display on an Item
 Corg::kde::kquickcontrols::ColorButtonA pushbutton to display or allow user selection of a color
 CCalendarEvents::EventDataData about an event
 Corg::kde::kquickcontrols::KeySequenceItemImport Statement
 CLanczosA ShaderEffect that makes use of the Lanczos resampling method for scaling textures
 CQObject [external]
 CCalendarEvents::CalendarEventsPluginPlugin for feeding events to a calendar instance
 CClipboardWrapper for QClipboard
 CKDeclarativeMouseEventThis item spies on mouse events from all child objects including child MouseAreas regardless of whether the child MouseArea propagates events
 CMimeDataWrapperExposes a const QMimeData instance
 CQMimeData [external]
 CCalendarEvents::ShowEventInterfaceInterface for displaying event details
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