KFileMetaData::Type Namespace Reference


enum  Type {
  FirstType = 0 , Empty = 0 , Archive , Audio ,
  Video , Image , Document , Spreadsheet ,
  Presentation , Text , Folder , LastType = Folder

Detailed Description

The Type namespace.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Type

A Type represents a way to represent a way to group files based on a higher level view, which the user generally expects.

Every extractor provides a list of types applicable for each file.


A file which contains a compressed collection of other files eg - tar, zip, rar, gz File types which use e.g.

zip as an implementation detail - Java JAR files, OpenDocument formats, etc. - are not treated as Archive.


Used to mark any file which just contains audio.

Do not use this type if the file also contains Video


Any file which contains Video.

It may also contain Audio


Any Image file.

This includes both raster and vector formats.


Any file which counts as a document.

Documents are generally files which contain rich text, formatting and maybe images, but also just plain text.


A SpreadSheet file.

This is a specialization of the Document type Any file which has this type should also have the Document type


A Presentation file.

This is a specialization of the Document type. Any file which has this type should also have the Document type


Any file which contains text data (i.e.

not binary data) counts as a Text file. As this also includes various file types which contain data collections (e.g. csv, json) or code (e.g. QML, Makefile), "Document" is typically the more appropriate type.


A directory or folder.

Definition at line 29 of file types.h.

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