Kuit Namespace Reference


typedef QString(* TagFormatter) (const QStringList &languages, const QString &tagName, const QHash< QString, QString > &attributes, const QString &text, const QStringList &tagPath, Kuit::VisualFormat format)


enum  Cue {
  UndefinedCue , ButtonCue , InmenuCue , IntoolbarCue ,
  WindowCue , MenuCue , TabCue , GroupCue ,
  ColumnCue , RowCue , SliderCue , SpinboxCue ,
  ListboxCue , TextboxCue , ChooserCue , CheckCue ,
  RadioCue , InlistboxCue , IntableCue , InrangeCue ,
  IntextCue , ValuesuffixCue , TooltipCue , WhatsthisCue ,
  PlaceholderCue , StatusCue , ProgressCue , TipofthedayCue ,
  UsagetipCue , CreditCue , ShellCue
enum  Role {
  UndefinedRole , ActionRole , TitleRole , OptionRole ,
  LabelRole , ItemRole , InfoRole
enum  TagClass { PhraseTag = 0 , StructTag = 1 }
enum  VisualFormat { UndefinedFormat = 0 , PlainText = 10 , RichText = 20 , TermText = 30 }


KI18N_EXPORT KuitSetupsetupForDomain (const QByteArray &domain)

Detailed Description

Global constants and functions related to KUIT markup.

Typedef Documentation

◆ TagFormatter

typedef QString(* Kuit::TagFormatter) (const QStringList &languages, const QString &tagName, const QHash< QString, QString > &attributes, const QString &text, const QStringList &tagPath, Kuit::VisualFormat format)

Functions accepted by tag formatting functions.

languagesthe target languages (by decreasing priority)
tagNamethe wrapping tag name
attributesthe attribute name-value pairs in the tag
textthe wrapped text
tagPaththe ordered list of ancestor tag names, parent first
formatthe target visual format
formatted text

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Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Cue

enum Kuit::Cue

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◆ Role

enum Kuit::Role

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◆ TagClass

Classification of KUIT tags.


Tags wrapping text inserted into running text.


Tags splitting text into paragraph-level blocks.

Definition at line 53 of file kuitsetup.h.

◆ VisualFormat

Visual formats into which KUIT markup can be resolved.


Visual format not defined.

This value can be explicitly set (e.g. through KLocalizedString::withFormat) to indicate that the format should be decided by another mechanism (e.g. context UI marker).


Plain text.


Qt rich text (HTML subset).


Terminal escape sequences.

Definition at line 27 of file kuitsetup.h.

Function Documentation

◆ setupForDomain()

KuitSetup & Kuit::setupForDomain ( const QByteArray & domain)

Get hold of the KUIT setup object for a given domain.

domainthe translation domain
pointer to KUIT setup object

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