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KBreadcrumbSelectionModel Class Reference

#include <KBreadcrumbSelectionModel>

Detailed Description

Selects the parents of selected items to create breadcrumbs.

For example, if the tree is

  - A
  - B
  - - C
  - - D
  - - - E
  - - - - F

and E is selected, the selection can contain

  - B
  - D


  - B
  - D
  - E

if isActualSelectionIncluded is true.

The depth of the selection may also be set. For example if the breadcrumbLength is 1:

  - D
  - E

And if breadcrumbLength is 2:

  - B
  - D
  - E

A KBreadcrumbsSelectionModel with a breadcrumbLength of 0 and including the actual selection is the same as a KSelectionProxyModel in the KSelectionProxyModel::ExactSelection configuration.

QItemSelectionModel *breadcrumbSelectionModel = new QItemSelectionModel(rootModel, this);
KBreadcrumbSelectionModel *breadcrumbProxySelector = new KBreadcrumbSelectionModel(breadcrumbSelectionModel, rootModel, this);
KSelectionProxyModel *breadcrumbSelectionProxyModel = new KSelectionProxyModel( breadcrumbSelectionModel, this);
breadcrumbSelectionProxyModel->setSourceModel( rootModel );
breadcrumbSelectionProxyModel->setFilterBehavior( KSelectionProxyModel::ExactSelection );
Selects the parents of selected items to create breadcrumbs.
A Proxy Model which presents a subset of its source model to observers.
void setFilterBehavior(FilterBehavior behavior)
Set the filter behaviors of this model.
void setSourceModel(QAbstractItemModel *sourceModel) override
KBreadcrumbSelectionModel in several configurations

This can work in two directions. One option is for a single selection in the KBreadcrumbSelectionModel to invoke the breadcrumb selection in its constructor argument.

The other is for a selection in the itemselectionmodel in the constructor argument to cause a breadcrumb selection in this.


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