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 CKBreadcrumbSelectionModelSelects the parents of selected items to create breadcrumbs
 CQObject [external]
 CKModelIndexProxyMapperThis class facilitates easy mapping of indexes and selections through proxy models
 CQAbstractItemModel [external]
 CQAbstractListModel [external]
 CKColumnHeadersModelA model that converts a model's headers into a list model
 CQAbstractProxyModel [external]
 CKDescendantsProxyModelProxy Model for restructuring a Tree into a list
 CKSelectionProxyModelA Proxy Model which presents a subset of its source model to observers
 CQIdentityProxyModel [external]
 CKCheckableProxyModelAdds a checkable capability to a source model
 CQSortFilterProxyModel [external]
 CKRecursiveFilterProxyModelImplements recursive filtering of models
 CQItemSelectionModel [external]
 CKLinkItemSelectionModelMakes it possible to share a selection in multiple views which do not have the same source model
 CSortFilterModelFilter and sort an existing QAbstractItemModel
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