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 CKPeople::PersonPluginManagerThis class allows applications to manage DataSource plugins
 CQObject [external]
 CKPeople::AllContactsMonitorThis class should be subclassed by each datasource and return a list of all contacts that the datasource knows about
 CKPeople::ContactMonitorThis class loads data for a single contact from a datasource
 CKPeople::PersonDataAllows to query the information about a given person
 CQAbstractItemModel [external]
 CKPeople::PersonsModelThis class creates a model of all known contacts from all sources Contacts are represented as a tree where the top level represents a "person" which is an amalgamation of all the sub-contacts
 CQAbstractProxyModel [external]
 CQSortFilterProxyModel [external]
 CKPeople::PersonsSortFilterProxyModelHelps filtering and sorting PersonsModel
 CQQmlImageProviderBase [external]
 CQQuickImageProvider [external]
 CAvatarImageProviderAn image provider for displaying a contact's photo
 CQWidget [external]
 CKPeople::PersonDetailsViewUse PersonDetailsView to integrate a person's information in the GUI
 CQDialog [external]
 CKPeople::MergeDialogThe merge dialog will be used to provide a GUI to attempt to figure out what contacts should be merged
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 CQSharedData [external]
 CKPeople::AbstractContactKPeople::AbstractContact is the class to provide the data from a given contact by the backends
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