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KRunner::QueryMatch Class Reference

#include <KRunner/QueryMatch>

Public Types

enum class  CategoryRelevance {
  Lowest = 0 , Low = 30 , Moderate = 50 , High = 70 ,
  Highest = 100

Public Member Functions

 QueryMatch (AbstractRunner *runner=nullptr)
 QueryMatch (const QueryMatch &other)
QList< KRunner::Actionactions () const
void addAction (const KRunner::Action &action)
qreal categoryRelevance () const
QVariant data () const
QIcon icon () const
QString iconName () const
QString id () const
bool isEnabled () const
bool isMultiLine () const
bool isValid () const
QString matchCategory () const
bool operator!= (const QueryMatch &other) const
QueryMatchoperator= (const QueryMatch &other)
bool operator== (const QueryMatch &other) const
qreal relevance () const
AbstractRunnerrunner () const
KRunner::Action selectedAction () const
void setActions (const QList< KRunner::Action > &actions)
void setCategoryRelevance (CategoryRelevance relevance)
void setCategoryRelevance (qreal relevance)
void setData (const QVariant &data)
void setEnabled (bool enable)
void setIcon (const QIcon &icon)
void setIconName (const QString &iconName)
void setId (const QString &id)
void setMatchCategory (const QString &category)
void setMultiLine (bool multiLine)
void setRelevance (qreal relevance)
void setSubtext (const QString &text)
void setText (const QString &text)
void setUrls (const QList< QUrl > &urls)
QString subtext () const
QString text () const
QList< QUrlurls () const

Detailed Description

A match returned by an AbstractRunner in response to a given RunnerContext.

Definition at line 31 of file querymatch.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ CategoryRelevance

Helper for reading standardized category relevance values.

Definition at line 66 of file querymatch.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QueryMatch() [1/2]

KRunner::QueryMatch::QueryMatch ( AbstractRunner * runner = nullptr)

Constructs a PossibleMatch associated with a given RunnerContext and runner.

runnerthe runner this match belongs to

Definition at line 87 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ QueryMatch() [2/2]

KRunner::QueryMatch::QueryMatch ( const QueryMatch & other)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 92 of file querymatch.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ actions()

KRunner::Actions KRunner::QueryMatch::actions ( ) const

List of actions set for this match.


Definition at line 298 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ addAction()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::addAction ( const KRunner::Action & action)

Adds an action to this match.

See also

Definition at line 292 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ categoryRelevance()

qreal KRunner::QueryMatch::categoryRelevance ( ) const

Category relevance for this match.


Definition at line 118 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ data()

QVariant KRunner::QueryMatch::data ( ) const
the data associated with this match; usually runner-specific

Definition at line 195 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ icon()

QIcon KRunner::QueryMatch::icon ( ) const
the icon for this match

Definition at line 213 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ iconName()

QString KRunner::QueryMatch::iconName ( ) const
the name of the icon for this match

Definition at line 219 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ id()

QString KRunner::QueryMatch::id ( ) const
a string that can be used as an ID for this match, even between different queries. It is based in part on the source of the match (the AbstractRunner) and distinguishing information provided by the runner, ensuring global uniqueness as well as consistency between query matches.

Definition at line 104 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ isEnabled()

bool KRunner::QueryMatch::isEnabled ( ) const
true if the match is enabled and therefore runnable, otherwise false

Definition at line 242 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ isMultiLine()

bool KRunner::QueryMatch::isMultiLine ( ) const

If the text should be displayed as a multiLine string If no explicit value is set set using setMultiline it will default to false.


Definition at line 262 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ isValid()

bool KRunner::QueryMatch::isValid ( ) const
true if the match is valid and can therefore be run, an invalid match does not have an associated AbstractRunner

Definition at line 99 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ matchCategory()

QString KRunner::QueryMatch::matchCategory ( ) const

Extra information about the match which can be used to categorize the type.

The default is AbstractRunner::name

Definition at line 128 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ operator!=()

bool KRunner::QueryMatch::operator!= ( const QueryMatch & other) const

Definition at line 281 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ operator=()

QueryMatch & KRunner::QueryMatch::operator= ( const QueryMatch & other)

Definition at line 267 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ operator==()

bool KRunner::QueryMatch::operator== ( const QueryMatch & other) const

Definition at line 276 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ relevance()

qreal KRunner::QueryMatch::relevance ( ) const

The relevance of this action to the search.

By default, the relevance is 1.

a number between 0 and 1

Definition at line 141 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ runner()

AbstractRunner * KRunner::QueryMatch::runner ( ) const
the runner associated with this action

Definition at line 146 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ selectedAction()

KRunner::Action KRunner::QueryMatch::selectedAction ( ) const

The action that the user has selected when running the match.

This returns a nullptr if no action was selected.

Definition at line 247 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setActions()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setActions ( const QList< KRunner::Action > & actions)

Set the actions for this match.

This method allows you to set the actions inside of the AbstractRunner::match method

See also

Definition at line 286 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setCategoryRelevance() [1/2]

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setCategoryRelevance ( CategoryRelevance relevance)

Relevance for matches in the category.

The match with the highest relevance is respected for the entire category. This value only affects the sorting of categories and not the sorting within the category. Use setRelevance for this. The value should be from 0 to 100.


Definition at line 81 of file querymatch.h.

◆ setCategoryRelevance() [2/2]

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setCategoryRelevance ( qreal relevance)

Internal for now, consumers should utilize CategoryRelevance enum


Definition at line 113 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setData()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setData ( const QVariant & data)

Sets data to be used internally by the runner's AbstractRunner::run implementation.

When set, it is also used to form part of the id for this match. If that is inappropriate as an id, the runner may generate its own id and set that with setId

Definition at line 163 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setEnabled()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setEnabled ( bool enable)

Sets whether or not this match can be activited.

enabletrue if the match is enabled and therefore runnable

Definition at line 237 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setIcon()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setIcon ( const QIcon & icon)

Sets the icon associated with this match.

Prefer using setIconName.

iconthe icon to show along with the match

Definition at line 183 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setIconName()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setIconName ( const QString & iconName)

Sets the icon name associated with this match.

iconthe name of the icon to show along with the match

Definition at line 189 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setId()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setId ( const QString & id)

Sets the id for this match; useful if the id does not match data().toString().

The id must be unique to all matches from this runner, and should remain constant for the same query for best results.

If the "X-Plasma-Runner-Unique-Results" property from the metadata is set to true, the runnerId will not be prepended to the ID. This allows KRunner to de-duplicate results from different runners. In case the runner's matches are less specific than ones from other runners, the "X-Plasma-Runner-Weak-Results" property can be set so that duplicates from this runner are removed.

idthe new identifying string to use to refer to this entry

Definition at line 177 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setMatchCategory()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setMatchCategory ( const QString & category)

Sets information about the type of the match which is used to group the matches.

This string should be translated as it is displayed in an UI. The default is AbstractRunner::name

Definition at line 123 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setMultiLine()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setMultiLine ( bool multiLine)

Set if the text should be displayed as a multiLine string.


Definition at line 257 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setRelevance()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setRelevance ( qreal relevance)

Sets the relevance of this action for the search it was created for.

relevancea number between 0 and 1.

Definition at line 136 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setSubtext()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setSubtext ( const QString & text)

Sets the descriptive text for this match; can be longer than the main title text.

textthe text to use as the description

Definition at line 157 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setText()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setText ( const QString & text)

Sets the main title text for this match; should be short enough to fit nicely on one line in a user interface For styled and multiline text, setMultiLine should be set to true.

textthe text to use as the title

Definition at line 151 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ setUrls()

void KRunner::QueryMatch::setUrls ( const QList< QUrl > & urls)

Sets the urls, if any, associated with this match.

Definition at line 225 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ subtext()

QString KRunner::QueryMatch::subtext ( ) const
the descriptive text for this match

Definition at line 207 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ text()

QString KRunner::QueryMatch::text ( ) const
the title text for this match

Definition at line 201 of file querymatch.cpp.

◆ urls()

QList< QUrl > KRunner::QueryMatch::urls ( ) const
the urls for this match, empty list if none These will be used in the default implementation of AbstractRunner::mimeDataForMatch

Definition at line 231 of file querymatch.cpp.

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