KateIndentScript Class Reference

#include <kateindentscript.h>

Inheritance diagram for KateIndentScript:

Public Member Functions

 KateIndentScript (const QString &url, const KateIndentScriptHeader &header)
QPair< int, int > indent (KTextEditor::ViewPrivate *view, const KTextEditor::Cursor &position, QChar typedCharacter, int indentWidth)
const KateIndentScriptHeader & indentHeader () const
const QStringtriggerCharacters ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from KateScript
 KateScript (const QString &urlOrScript, enum InputType inputType=InputURL)
QString backtrace (const QJSValue &error, const QString &header=QString())
void clearExceptions ()
void displayBacktrace (const QJSValue &error, const QString &header=QString())
const QStringerrorMessage ()
QJSValue evaluate (const QString &program, const FieldMap &env=FieldMap())
QJSValue function (const QString &name)
KateScriptHeader & generalHeader ()
QJSValue global (const QString &name)
bool load ()
void setGeneralHeader (const KateScriptHeader &generalHeader)
bool setView (KTextEditor::ViewPrivate *view)
const QStringurl ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from KateScript
typedef QMap< QString, QJSValueFieldMap
enum  InputType { InputURL, InputSCRIPT }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KateScript
bool hasException (const QJSValue &object, const QString &file)
- Protected Attributes inherited from KateScript
QJSEnginem_engine = nullptr

Detailed Description

A specialized class for scripts that are of type ScriptType::Indentation.

Definition at line 95 of file kateindentscript.h.

Member Function Documentation

QPair< int, int > KateIndentScript::indent ( KTextEditor::ViewPrivate *  view,
const KTextEditor::Cursor position,
QChar  typedCharacter,
int  indentWidth 

Returns a pair where the first value is the indent amount, and the second value is the alignment.

Definition at line 45 of file kateindentscript.cpp.

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