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 CKTextEditor::AnnotationInterfaceA Document extension interface for handling Annotations
 CKate::TextLineData::AttributeAttribute storage
 CKTextEditor::AttributeBlockAttributes of a part of a line
 CKTextEditor::EditorPrivate::ClipboardEntryA clipboard entry stores the copied text and the filename of the copied text
 CKTextEditor::CodeCompletionInterfaceCode completion extension interface for the View
 CKTextEditor::CodeCompletionModelControllerInterfaceController interface for a CodeCompletionModel
 CKateConfig::ConfigEntryOne config entry
 CKTextEditor::ConfigInterfaceConfig interface extension for the Document and View
 CKTextEditor::CursorThe Cursor represents a position in a Document
 CKTextEditor::DocumentCursorA Cursor which is bound to a specific Document
 CKTextEditor::Document::EditingTransactionEditing transaction support
 CKateVi::EmulatedCommandBarA KateViewBarWidget that attempts to emulate some of the features of Vim's own command bar, including insertion of register contents via ctr-r<registername>; dismissal via ctrl-c and ctrl-[; bi-directional incremental searching, with SmartCase; interactive sed-replace; plus a few extensions such as completion from document and navigable sed search and sed replace history
 CKate::TextLineData::FoldingFolding storage
 CKTextEditor::FoldingInterfaceKTextEditor interface for code folding of a KTextEditor::View
 CHTMLExporterTODO: add abstract interface for future exporters
 CKTextEditor::InlineNoteInterfaceInline notes interface for rendering notes in the text
 CKateConfigBase Class for the Kate Config Classes Current childs are KateDocumentConfig/KateDocumentConfig/KateDocumentConfig
 CKateIndentDetecterFile indentation detecter
 CKateInlineNoteDataInternal data container for KTextEditor::InlineNote interface
 CKatePlainTextSearchObject to help to search for plain text
 CKatePrefixStoreThis class can be used to efficiently search for occurrences of strings in a given string
 CKateRegExpSearchObject to help to search for regexp
 CKateRendererHandles all of the work of rendering the text (used for the views and printing)
 CKateScriptKateScript objects represent a script that can be executed and inspected
 CKateTextLayoutThis class represents one visible line of text; with dynamic wrapping, many KateTextLayouts can be needed to represent one actual line of text (ie
 CKateUndoBase class for Kate undo commands
 CKateUndoGroupClass to manage a group of undo items
 CKateVi::KeyEventQEvent wrapper for copying/storing key events
 CKateVi::KeyParserFor encoding keypresses w/ modifiers into an internal QChar representation and back again to a descriptive text string
 CKXMLGUIClient [external]
 CKTextEditor::LineRangeAn object representing lines from a start line to an end line
 CKTextEditor::MarkMark class containing line and mark types
 CKTextEditor::MarkInterfaceMark extension interface for the Document
 CKTextEditor::ModificationInterfaceExternal modification extension interface for the Document
 CKateVi::MotionCombined class for motions and text objects
 CKTextEditor::MovingCursorA Cursor which is bound to a specific Document, and maintains its position
 CKTextEditor::MovingInterfaceDocument interface for MovingCursors and MovingRanges
 CKTextEditor::MovingRangeA range that is bound to a specific Document, and maintains its position
 CKTextEditor::MovingRangeFeedbackA class which provides notifications of state changes to a MovingRange
 CKateVi::NormalViModeCommands for the vi normal mode
 CKParts::PartBase [external]
 CQAccessibleActionInterface [external]
 CQAccessibleInterface [external]
 CQAccessibleTextInterface [external]
 CQLayoutItem [external]
 CQObject [external]
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQSharedData [external]
 CQStandardItem [external]
 CQStyleOption [external]
 CQTextFormat [external]
 CKTextEditor::RangeAn object representing a section of text, from one Cursor to another
 CKateVi::ReplaceViModeCommands for the vi replace mode
 CKateVi::Searcher::SearchParamsExtended searcher for Emulated Command Bar
 CKTextEditor::SessionConfigInterfaceSession config interface extension for the Plugin and Plugin views
 CSpellCheckBarSpellcheck dialog
 CKate::TextBlockClass representing a text block
 CKTextEditor::TextHintInterfaceText hint interface showing tool tips under the mouse for the View
 CKTextEditor::TextHintProviderClass to provide text hints for a View
 CKate::TextHistoryClass representing the editing history of a TextBuffer
 CKate::TextLineDataClass representing a single text line
 CKate::TextLoaderFile Loader, will handle reading of files + detecting encoding
 CKTextEditor::VariableVariable for variable expansion
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