#include <kateregexpsearch.h>

Public Member Functions

 KateRegExpSearch (const KTextEditor::Document *document, Qt::CaseSensitivity caseSensitivity)
QVector< KTextEditor::Rangesearch (const QString &pattern, const KTextEditor::Range &inputRange, bool backwards=false)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString buildReplacement (const QString &text, const QStringList &capturedTexts, int replacementCounter)
static QString escapePlaintext (const QString &text)

Detailed Description

Object to help to search for regexp.

This should be NO QObject, it is created to often! I measured that, if you create it 20k times to replace for example " " in a document, that takes seconds on a modern machine!

Definition at line 41 of file kateregexpsearch.h.

Member Function Documentation

QString KateRegExpSearch::buildReplacement ( const QString text,
const QStringList capturedTexts,
int  replacementCounter 

Returns a modified version of text where.

  • escape sequences are resolved, e.g. "\\n" to "\n",
  • references are resolved, e.g. "\\1" to 1st entry in capturedTexts, and
  • counter sequences are resolved, e.g. "\\#...#" to replacementCounter.
texttext containing escape sequences, references, and counter sequences
capturedTextslist of substitutes for references
replacementCountervalue for replacement counter
resolved text

Definition at line 474 of file kateregexpsearch.cpp.

QString KateRegExpSearch::escapePlaintext ( const QString text)

Returns a modified version of text where escape sequences are resolved, e.g.

"\\n" to "\n".

texttext containing escape sequences
text with resolved escape sequences

Definition at line 469 of file kateregexpsearch.cpp.

QVector< KTextEditor::Range > KateRegExpSearch::search ( const QString pattern,
const KTextEditor::Range inputRange,
bool  backwards = false 

Search for the regular expression pattern inside the range inputRange.

If backwards is true, the search direction will be reversed.

patterntext to search for
inputRangeRange to search in
backwardsif true, the search will be backwards
Vector of ranges, one for each capture. The first range (index zero) spans the full match. If the pattern does not match the vector has length 1 and holds the invalid range (see Range::isValid()).
See also
KTextEditor::Range, QRegularExpression

Definition at line 194 of file kateregexpsearch.cpp.

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