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 NKateCommandsThe KateCommands namespace collects subclasses of KTextEditor::Command for specific use in kate
 NKTextEditorThe KTextEditor namespace contains all the public API that is required to use the KTextEditor component
 CExpandingWidgetModelCares about expanding/un-expanding items in a tree-view together with ExpandingDelegate
 CHTMLExporterTODO: add abstract interface for future exporters
 CKateAnimationThis class provides a fade in/out effect for KMessageWidgets
 CKateAutoIndentProvides Auto-Indent functionality for katepart
 CKateBufferMaintains a collections of lines
 CKateCmdShellCompletionA KCompletion object that completes last ?unquoted? word in the string passed
 CKateCommandLineScriptA specialized class for scripts that are of type ScriptType::Indentation
 CKateCompletionModelThis class has the responsibility for filtering, sorting, and manipulating code completion data provided by a CodeCompletionModel
 CKateCompletionWidgetThis is the code completion's main widget, and also contains the core interface logic
 CKateConfigBase Class for the Kate Config Classes Current childs are KateDocumentConfig/KateDocumentConfig/KateDocumentConfig
 CKateFadeEffectThis class provides a fade in/out effect for arbitrary QWidgets
 CKateIndentDetecterFile indentation detecter
 CKateIndentScriptA specialized class for scripts that are of type ScriptType::Indentation
 CKateInlineNoteDataInternal data container for KTextEditor::InlineNote interface
 CKateKeywordCompletionModelHighlighting-file based keyword completion for the editor
 CKateLayoutCacheThis class handles Kate's caching of layouting information (in KateLineLayout and KateTextLayout)
 CKateMessageLayoutClass to layout KTextEditor::Messages in KateView
 CKateMessageWidgetThis class implements a message widget based on KMessageWidget
 CKateModeMenuListClass of menu to select the syntax highlighting language (mode menu)
 CKateModOnHdPromptThis dialog will prompt the user for what do with a file that is modified on disk
 CKatePlainTextSearchObject to help to search for plain text
 CKatePrefixStoreThis class can be used to efficiently search for occurrences of strings in a given string
 CKateRegExpSearchObject to help to search for regexp
 CKateRendererHandles all of the work of rendering the text (used for the views and printing)
 CKateScriptKateScript objects represent a script that can be executed and inspected
 CKateScriptActionKateScriptAction is an action that executes a commandline-script if triggered
 CKateScriptActionMenuTools > Scripts menu This menu is filled with the command line scripts exported via the scripting support
 CKateScriptDocumentThinish wrapping around KTextEditor::DocumentPrivate, exposing the methods we want exposed and adding some helper methods
 CKateScriptEditorThis class wraps the global editor instance KateGlobal, exposing some helper methods such as the clipboard history etc
 CKateScriptManagerManage the scripts on disks – find them and query them
 CKateScriptViewThinish wrapping around KTextEditor::ViewPrivate, exposing the methods we want exposed and adding some helper methods
 CKateScrollBarThis class is required because QScrollBar's sliderMoved() signal is really supposed to be a sliderDragged() signal... so this way we can capture MMB slider moves as well
 CKateStyleTreeWidgetQTreeWidget that automatically adds columns for KateStyleListItems and provides a popup menu and a slot to edit a style using the keyboard
 CKateTemplateHandlerInserts a template and offers advanced snippet features, like navigation and mirroring
 CKateTextAnimationThis class is used to flash text in the text view
 CKateTextLayoutThis class represents one visible line of text; with dynamic wrapping, many KateTextLayouts can be needed to represent one actual line of text (ie
 CKateUndoGroupClass to manage a group of undo items
 CKateUndoManagerKateUndoManager implements a document's history
 CKateVariableExpansionDialogHelper dialog that shows a non-modal dialog listing all available variables
 CKateVariableExpansionManagerManager class for variable expansion
 CKateViewAccessibleThis class implements a QAccessible-interface for a KateViewInternal
 CKateViewIndentationActionThis action provides a list of available indenters and gets plugged into the KTextEditor::ViewPrivate's KActionCollection
 CKTextEditorBackend of KTextEditor::Document related public KTextEditor interfaces
 CSpellCheckBarSpellcheck dialog
 CStatusBarButtonFor convenience an own button class to ensure a unified look&feel
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