KatePlainTextSearch Class Reference

#include <kateplaintextsearch.h>

Public Member Functions

 KatePlainTextSearch (const KTextEditor::Document *document, Qt::CaseSensitivity caseSensitivity, bool wholeWords)
KTextEditor::Range search (const QString &text, const KTextEditor::Range &inputRange, bool backwards=false)

Detailed Description

Object to help to search for plain text.

This should be NO QObject, it is created too often! I measured that, if you create it 20k times to replace for example " " in a document, that takes seconds on a modern machine!

Definition at line 41 of file kateplaintextsearch.h.

Member Function Documentation

KTextEditor::Range KatePlainTextSearch::search ( const QString text,
const KTextEditor::Range inputRange,
bool  backwards = false 

Search for the given text inside the range inputRange taking into account whether to search casesensitive and backwards.

texttext to search for
inputRangeRange to search in
backwardsif true, the search will be backwards
The valid range of the matched text if text was found. If the text was not found, the returned range is not valid (see Range::isValid()).
See also

Definition at line 53 of file kateplaintextsearch.cpp.

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