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KateViewAccessible Class Reference

#include <kateviewaccessible.h>

Inheritance diagram for KateViewAccessible:

Public Member Functions

 KateViewAccessible (KateViewInternal *view)
void addSelection (int startOffset, int endOffset) override
QString attributes (int offset, int *startOffset, int *endOffset) const override
int characterCount () const override
QRect characterRect (int offset) const override
QAccessibleInterfacechildAt (int x, int y) const override
int cursorPosition () const override
void * interface_cast (QAccessible::InterfaceType t) override
int offsetAtPoint (const QPoint &) const override
int positionFromCursor (KateViewInternal *view, const KTextEditor::Cursor &cursor) const
void removeSelection (int selectionIndex) override
void scrollToSubstring (int, int) override
void selection (int selectionIndex, int *startOffset, int *endOffset) const override
int selectionCount () const override
void setCursorPosition (int position) override
void setSelection (int selectionIndex, int startOffset, int endOffset) override
void setText (QAccessible::Text t, const QString &text) override
QAccessible::State state () const override
QString text (int startOffset, int endOffset) const override
QString text (QAccessible::Text t) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QAccessibleWidget
 QAccessibleWidget (QWidget *w, QAccessible::Role role, const QString &name)
virtual QStringList actionNames () const const override
virtual QColor backgroundColor () const const override
virtual QAccessibleInterfacechild (int index) const const override
virtual int childCount () const const override
virtual void doAction (const QString &actionName) override
virtual QAccessibleInterfacefocusChild () const const override
virtual QColor foregroundColor () const const override
virtual int indexOfChild (const QAccessibleInterface *child) const const override
virtual bool isValid () const const override
virtual QStringList keyBindingsForAction (const QString &actionName) const const override
virtual QAccessibleInterfaceparent () const const override
virtual QRect rect () const const override
virtual QVector< QPair< QAccessibleInterface *, QAccessible::Relation > > relations (QAccessible::Relation match) const const override
virtual QAccessible::Role role () const const override
virtual QWindowwindow () const const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QAccessibleObject
 QAccessibleObject (QObject *object)
virtual QObjectobject () const const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QAccessibleInterface
QAccessibleActionInterfaceactionInterface ()
QAccessibleTableCellInterfacetableCellInterface ()
QAccessibleTableInterfacetableInterface ()
QAccessibleTextInterfacetextInterface ()
QAccessibleValueInterfacevalueInterface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QAccessibleActionInterface
virtual QString localizedActionDescription (const QString &actionName) const const
virtual QString localizedActionName (const QString &actionName) const const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QAccessibleTextInterface
virtual QString textAfterOffset (int offset, QAccessible::TextBoundaryType boundaryType, int *startOffset, int *endOffset) const const
virtual QString textAtOffset (int offset, QAccessible::TextBoundaryType boundaryType, int *startOffset, int *endOffset) const const
virtual QString textBeforeOffset (int offset, QAccessible::TextBoundaryType boundaryType, int *startOffset, int *endOffset) const const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QAccessibleActionInterface
const QStringdecreaseAction ()
const QStringincreaseAction ()
QString nextPageAction ()
const QStringpressAction ()
QString previousPageAction ()
QString scrollDownAction ()
QString scrollLeftAction ()
QString scrollRightAction ()
QString scrollUpAction ()
const QStringsetFocusAction ()
const QStringshowMenuAction ()
const QStringtoggleAction ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QAccessibleWidget
void addControllingSignal (const QString &signal)
QObjectparentObject () const const
QWidgetwidget () const const

Detailed Description

This class implements a QAccessible-interface for a KateViewInternal.

This is the root class for the kateview. The KateCursorAccessible class represents the cursor in the kateview and is a child of this class.

Definition at line 27 of file kateviewaccessible.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ positionFromCursor()

int KateViewAccessible::positionFromCursor ( KateViewInternal *  view,
const KTextEditor::Cursor cursor 
) const

When possible, using the last returned value m_lastPosition do the count from the last cursor position m_lastCursor.

the number of chars (including one character for new lines) from the beginning of the file.

Definition at line 185 of file kateviewaccessible.h.

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