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SpellCheckBar Class Reference

#include <spellcheckbar.h>

Inherits KateViewBarWidget.


void autoCorrect (const QString &currentWord, const QString &replaceWord)
void cancel ()
void done (const QString &newBuffer)
void languageChanged (const QString &language)
void misspelling (const QString &word, int start)
void replace (const QString &oldWord, int start, const QString &newWord)
void spellCheckStatus (const QString &)
void stop ()

Public Slots

void setBuffer (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

 SpellCheckBar (Sonnet::BackgroundChecker *checker, QWidget *parent)
void activeAutoCorrect (bool _active)
QString buffer () const
void closed () override
QString originalBuffer () const
void setSpellCheckContinuedAfterReplacement (bool b)
void show ()
void showProgressDialog (int timeout=500)
void showSpellCheckCompletionMessage (bool b=true)

Detailed Description

Spellcheck dialog.

Sonnet::SpellCheckBar dlg = new Sonnet::SpellCheckBar(
new Sonnet::BackgroundChecker(this), this);
//connect signals
dlg->setBuffer( someText );

You can change buffer inside a slot connected to done() signal and spellcheck will continue with new data automatically.

Definition at line 36 of file spellcheckbar.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SpellCheckBar()

SpellCheckBar::SpellCheckBar ( Sonnet::BackgroundChecker * checker,
QWidget * parent )

Definition at line 115 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ ~SpellCheckBar()

SpellCheckBar::~SpellCheckBar ( )

Definition at line 131 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ activeAutoCorrect()

void SpellCheckBar::activeAutoCorrect ( bool _active)

Definition at line 199 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ buffer()

QString SpellCheckBar::buffer ( ) const

Definition at line 270 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ closed()

void SpellCheckBar::closed ( )

Definition at line 136 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ done

void SpellCheckBar::done ( const QString & newBuffer)

The dialog won't be closed if you setBuffer() in slot connected to this signal.

Also emitted after stop() signal

◆ languageChanged

void SpellCheckBar::languageChanged ( const QString & language)

Emitted when the user changes the language used for spellchecking, which is shown in a combobox of this dialog.

languagethe new language the user selected

◆ originalBuffer()

QString SpellCheckBar::originalBuffer ( ) const

Definition at line 265 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ setBuffer

void SpellCheckBar::setBuffer ( const QString & buf)

Definition at line 275 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ setSpellCheckContinuedAfterReplacement()

void SpellCheckBar::setSpellCheckContinuedAfterReplacement ( bool b)

Controls whether the spell checking is continued after the replacement of a misspelled word has been performed.

By default it is continued.


Definition at line 218 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ show()

void SpellCheckBar::show ( )

Definition at line 313 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ showProgressDialog()

void SpellCheckBar::showProgressDialog ( int timeout = 500)

Controls whether an (indefinite) progress dialog is shown when the spell checking takes longer than the given time to complete.

By default no progress dialog is shown. If the progress dialog is set to be shown, no time consuming operation (for example, showing a notification message) should be performed in a slot connected to the 'done' signal as this might trigger the progress dialog unnecessarily.

timeouttime after which the progress dialog should appear; a negative value can be used to hide it

Definition at line 208 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ showSpellCheckCompletionMessage()

void SpellCheckBar::showSpellCheckCompletionMessage ( bool b = true)

Controls whether a message box indicating the completion of the spell checking is shown or not.

By default it is not shown.


Definition at line 213 of file spellcheckbar.cpp.

◆ spellCheckStatus

void SpellCheckBar::spellCheckStatus ( const QString & )

Signal sends when spell checking is finished/stopped/completed.


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