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Kate::TextBlock Class Reference

#include <katetextblock.h>

Public Member Functions

 TextBlock (TextBuffer *buffer, int startLine)
 ~TextBlock ()
void appendLine (const QString &textOfLine)
int blockSize () const
void clearBlockContent (TextBlock *targetBlock)
void clearLines ()
bool containsRange (TextRange *range) const
void debugPrint (int blockIndex) const
void deleteBlockContent ()
void insertCursor (Kate::TextCursor *cursor)
void insertText (const KTextEditor::Cursor position, const QString &text)
TextLine line (int line) const
int lineLength (int line) const
int lines () const
void markModifiedLinesAsSaved ()
void mergeBlock (TextBlock *targetBlock)
KTEXTEDITOR_EXPORT QList< TextRange * > rangesForLine (int line, KTextEditor::View *view, bool rangesWithAttributeOnly) const
KTEXTEDITOR_NO_EXPORT void rangesForLine (int line, KTextEditor::View *view, bool rangesWithAttributeOnly, QList< TextRange * > &outRanges) const
void removeCursor (Kate::TextCursor *cursor)
void removeRange (TextRange *range)
void removeText (KTextEditor::Range range, QString &removedText)
void setLineMetaData (int line, const TextLine &textLine)
void setStartLine (int startLine)
TextBlocksplitBlock (int fromLine)
int startLine () const
void text (QString &text) const
void unwrapLine (int line, TextBlock *previousBlock, int fixStartLinesStartIndex)
void updateRange (TextRange *range)
void wrapLine (const KTextEditor::Cursor position, int fixStartLinesStartIndex)

Detailed Description

Class representing a text block.

This is used to build up a Kate::TextBuffer. This class should only be used by TextBuffer/Cursor/Range.

Definition at line 35 of file katetextblock.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TextBlock()

Kate::TextBlock::TextBlock ( TextBuffer * buffer,
int startLine )

Construct an empty text block.

bufferparent text buffer
startLinestart line of this block

Definition at line 14 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ ~TextBlock()

Kate::TextBlock::~TextBlock ( )

Destruct the text block.

Definition at line 22 of file katetextblock.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ appendLine()

void Kate::TextBlock::appendLine ( const QString & textOfLine)

Append a new line with given text.

textOfLinetext of the line to append

Definition at line 61 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ blockSize()

int Kate::TextBlock::blockSize ( ) const

Returns the size of this block i.e., the count of QChars it has + number of new lines.

Definition at line 240 of file katetextblock.h.

◆ clearBlockContent()

void Kate::TextBlock::clearBlockContent ( TextBlock * targetBlock)

Clear the block content, delete all lines, move all cursors not bound to range to given block at 0,0.

This is used by clear() of TextBuffer.

targetBlockempty target block for cursors

Definition at line 627 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ clearLines()

void Kate::TextBlock::clearLines ( )

Clear the lines.

Definition at line 67 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ containsRange()

bool Kate::TextBlock::containsRange ( TextRange * range) const

Is the given range contained in this block?

rangerange to check for
contained in this blocks mapping?

Definition at line 195 of file katetextblock.h.

◆ debugPrint()

void Kate::TextBlock::debugPrint ( int blockIndex) const

Debug output, print whole block content with line numbers and line length.

blockIndexindex of this block in buffer

Definition at line 505 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ deleteBlockContent()

void Kate::TextBlock::deleteBlockContent ( )

Delete the block content, delete all lines and delete all cursors not bound to ranges.

This is used in destructor of TextBuffer, for fast cleanup. Only stuff remaining afterwards are cursors which are part of a range, TextBuffer will delete them itself...

Definition at line 603 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ insertCursor()

void Kate::TextBlock::insertCursor ( Kate::TextCursor * cursor)

Insert cursor into this block.

cursorcursor to insert

Definition at line 209 of file katetextblock.h.

◆ insertText()

void Kate::TextBlock::insertText ( const KTextEditor::Cursor position,
const QString & text )

Insert text at given cursor position.

positionposition where to insert text
texttext to insert

Definition at line 363 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ line()

TextLine Kate::TextBlock::line ( int line) const

Retrieve a text line.

linewanted line number
text line

Definition at line 41 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ lineLength()

int Kate::TextBlock::lineLength ( int line) const

Retrieve length for line.

linewanted line number
length of line

Definition at line 84 of file katetextblock.h.

◆ lines()

int Kate::TextBlock::lines ( ) const

Number of lines in this block.

number of lines

Definition at line 105 of file katetextblock.h.

◆ markModifiedLinesAsSaved()

void Kate::TextBlock::markModifiedLinesAsSaved ( )

Flag all modified text lines as saved on disk.

Definition at line 693 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ mergeBlock()

void Kate::TextBlock::mergeBlock ( TextBlock * targetBlock)

Merge this block with given one, the given one must be a direct predecessor.

targetBlockblock to merge with

Definition at line 570 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ rangesForLine() [1/2]

QList< TextRange * > Kate::TextBlock::rangesForLine ( int line,
KTextEditor::View * view,
bool rangesWithAttributeOnly ) const

Return all ranges in this block which might intersect the given line.

lineline to check intersection
viewonly return ranges associated with given view
rangesWithAttributeOnlyranges with attributes only?
list of possible candidate ranges

Definition at line 651 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ rangesForLine() [2/2]

void Kate::TextBlock::rangesForLine ( int line,
KTextEditor::View * view,
bool rangesWithAttributeOnly,
QList< TextRange * > & outRanges ) const

Definition at line 660 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ removeCursor()

void Kate::TextBlock::removeCursor ( Kate::TextCursor * cursor)

Remove cursor from this block.

cursorcursor to remove

Definition at line 218 of file katetextblock.h.

◆ removeRange()

void Kate::TextBlock::removeRange ( TextRange * range)

Remove a range from this block.

rangerange to remove

Definition at line 754 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ removeText()

void Kate::TextBlock::removeText ( KTextEditor::Range range,
QString & removedText )

Remove text at given range.

rangerange of text to remove, must be on one line only.
removedTextwill be filled with removed text

Definition at line 434 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ setLineMetaData()

void Kate::TextBlock::setLineMetaData ( int line,
const TextLine & textLine )

Transfer all non text attributes for the given line from the given text line to the one in the block.

lineline number to set attributes
textLineline reference to get attributes from

Definition at line 50 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ setStartLine()

void Kate::TextBlock::setStartLine ( int startLine)

Set start line of this block.

startLinenew start line of this block

Definition at line 32 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ splitBlock()

TextBlock * Kate::TextBlock::splitBlock ( int fromLine)

Split given block.

A new block will be created and all lines starting from the given index will be moved to it, together with the cursors belonging to it.

fromLineline from which to split
new block containing the lines + cursors removed from this one

Definition at line 517 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ startLine()

int Kate::TextBlock::startLine ( ) const

Start line of this block.

start line of this block

Definition at line 54 of file katetextblock.h.

◆ text()

void Kate::TextBlock::text ( QString & text) const

Retrieve text of block.

textfor this block, lines separated by '

Definition at line 73 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ unwrapLine()

void Kate::TextBlock::unwrapLine ( int line,
TextBlock * previousBlock,
int fixStartLinesStartIndex )

Unwrap given line.

lineline to unwrap
previousBlockprevious block, if any, if we unwrap first line in block, we need to have this
fixStartLinesStartIndexstart index to fix start lines, normally this is this block or the previous one

Definition at line 193 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ updateRange()

void Kate::TextBlock::updateRange ( TextRange * range)

Update a range from this block.

Will move the range to right set, either cached for one-line ranges or not.

rangerange to update

Definition at line 703 of file katetextblock.cpp.

◆ wrapLine()

void Kate::TextBlock::wrapLine ( const KTextEditor::Cursor position,
int fixStartLinesStartIndex )

Wrap line at given cursor position.

positionline/column as cursor where to wrap
fixStartLinesStartIndexstart index to fix start lines, normally this is this block

Definition at line 86 of file katetextblock.cpp.

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