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Kate::TextHistory Member List

This is the complete list of members for Kate::TextHistory, including all inherited members.

lastSavedRevision() const Kate::TextHistoryinline
lockRevision(qint64 revision)Kate::TextHistory
revision() const Kate::TextHistory
transformCursor(int &line, int &column, KTextEditor::MovingCursor::InsertBehavior insertBehavior, qint64 fromRevision, qint64 toRevision=-1)Kate::TextHistory
transformRange(KTextEditor::Range &range, KTextEditor::MovingRange::InsertBehaviors insertBehaviors, KTextEditor::MovingRange::EmptyBehavior emptyBehavior, qint64 fromRevision, qint64 toRevision=-1)Kate::TextHistory
unlockRevision(qint64 revision)Kate::TextHistory
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