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 CAbstractDataSourceBase class for data sources for telemetry data
 CApplicationVersionSourceData source for the application version
 CAuditLogBrowserDialogDialog to browse audit log entries
 CAuditLogUiControllerWidget/QtQuick-independent logic and data for the audit log browser UI
 CCompilerInfoSourceData source reporting which compiler was used to build this code
 CCpuInfoSourceData source reporting the type and amount of CPUs
 CFeedbackConfigDialogConfigure which feedback a user wants to provide
 CFeedbackConfigUiControllerLogic/behavior of the feedback configuration UI
 CFeedbackConfigWidgetConfiguration widget for telemetry and survey contributions
 CLocaleInfoSourceData source reporting the region and language settings
 CNotificationPopupNotification popup that overlays a small part of the application for encouraging contributions or inform about surveys
 COpenGLInfoSourceData source reporting type, version and vendor of the OpenGL stack
 CPlatformInfoSourceReports information about the platform the application is running on
 CPropertyRatioSourceRecords the time ratio a given QObject property has a specific value
 CProviderThe central object managing data sources and transmitting feedback to the server
 CQmlPropertySourceData source reporting information provided by a QML application
 CQPAInfoSourceReports information about the Qt platform abstraction plugin the application is running on
 CQtVersionSourceData source reporting the Qt version used at runtime
 CScreenInfoSourceData source for information about connected displays
 CSelectionRatioSourceRecords the time ratio a given entry is selected via a QItemSelectionModel
 CStartCountSourceData source reporting the total amount of applications starts
 CStyleInfoSourceData source the widget style and color scheme used by the application
 CSurveyInfoInformation about a survey request
 CUsageTimeSourceData source reporting the total usage time of the application
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