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Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo Class Reference

#include <syndicationinfo.h>

Inherits Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper.

Public Types

enum  Period {
  Hourly , Daily , Weekly , Monthly ,

Public Member Functions

 SyndicationInfo ()
 SyndicationInfo (ResourcePtr resource)
 ~SyndicationInfo () override
QString debugInfo () const
time_t updateBase () const
int updateFrequency () const
Period updatePeriod () const

Static Protected Member Functions

static QString periodToString (Period period)
static Period stringToPeriod (const QString &str)

Detailed Description

Wrapper to access syndication information for a feed.

The RSS 1.0 syndication module provides syndication hints to aggregators regarding how often it is updated.

The specification can be found at

Frank Osterfeld

Definition at line 31 of file syndicationinfo.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Period

update period enum as used by updatePeriod().


the feed is updated hourly


the feed is updated daily


the feed is updated weekly


the feed is updated monthly


the feed is updated yearly

Definition at line 37 of file syndicationinfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SyndicationInfo() [1/2]

Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::SyndicationInfo ( )

creates a wrapper wrapping a null resource.

isNull() will be true.

◆ SyndicationInfo() [2/2]

Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::SyndicationInfo ( ResourcePtr resource)

creates a wrapper from a resource

resourcethe feed resource to read syndication information from

Definition at line 21 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

◆ ~SyndicationInfo()

Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::~SyndicationInfo ( )

virtual destructor

Definition at line 26 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ debugInfo()

QString Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::debugInfo ( ) const

description of the syndication information for debugging purposes

debug string

Definition at line 60 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

◆ periodToString()

QString Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::periodToString ( Period period)

returns Period value as string.

periodperiod enum to convert to a string
the enum name in lower case, "daily", "hourly", etc.

Definition at line 76 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

◆ stringToPeriod()

SyndicationInfo::Period Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::stringToPeriod ( const QString & str)

parses a Period value from a string.

stra period string as defined in the syndication module
the parsed period, Daily (the default) if the parsed string is empty or invalid

Definition at line 94 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

◆ updateBase()

time_t Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::updateBase ( ) const

Defines a base date to be used in concert with updatePeriod and updateFrequency to calculate the publishing schedule.

the base date in seconds since epoch. Default value is 0 (epoch).

Definition at line 53 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

◆ updateFrequency()

int Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::updateFrequency ( ) const

Used to describe the frequency of updates in relation to the update period.

A positive integer indicates how many times in that period the channel is updated. For example, an updatePeriod of daily, and an updateFrequency of 2 indicates the channel format is updated twice daily. If omitted a value of 1 is assumed.

update frequency, default is 1

Definition at line 35 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

◆ updatePeriod()

SyndicationInfo::Period Syndication::RDF::SyndicationInfo::updatePeriod ( ) const

Describes the period over which the channel format is updated.

Acceptable values are: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. If omitted, daily is assumed.

update period, daily is default

Definition at line 30 of file syndicationinfo.cpp.

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