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Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper Class Reference

#include <resourcewrapper.h>

Inheritance diagram for Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper:

Public Member Functions

 ResourceWrapper ()
 ResourceWrapper (const ResourceWrapper &other)
 ResourceWrapper (ResourcePtr resource)
virtual ~ResourceWrapper ()
bool isNull () const
ResourceWrapperoperator= (const ResourceWrapper &other)
bool operator== (const ResourceWrapper &other) const
ResourcePtr resource () const

Detailed Description

A wrapper for RDF resources.

Base class for convenience wrappers such as Document, Item etc.

Frank Osterfeld

Definition at line 28 of file resourcewrapper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ResourceWrapper() [1/3]

Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::ResourceWrapper ( )

creates a wrapper wrapping a null resource, isNull() will be true.

Definition at line 23 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

◆ ResourceWrapper() [2/3]

Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::ResourceWrapper ( const ResourceWrapper other)

Copy constructor.

Due to the shared d pointer, this is a cheap operation.

otherresource wrapper to copy

Definition at line 29 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

◆ ResourceWrapper() [3/3]

Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::ResourceWrapper ( ResourcePtr  resource)

creates a resource wrapper for a given resource.

If a null pointer is passed, a null resource is created internally (resource() will not return a null pointer!)

resourcea resource wrapper instance

Definition at line 34 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

◆ ~ResourceWrapper()

Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::~ResourceWrapper ( )


Definition at line 42 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isNull()

bool Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::isNull ( ) const

returns whether the wrapped resource is a null resource

true if isNull() is true for the wrapped resource, false otherwise

Definition at line 57 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

◆ operator=()

ResourceWrapper & Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::operator= ( const ResourceWrapper other)

Assignment oeprator Due to the shared d pointer, this is a cheap operation.

otherresource wrapper to assign.

Definition at line 46 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

◆ operator==()

bool Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::operator== ( const ResourceWrapper other) const

compares two resource wrapper instances.

Two resource wrappers are equal when the wrapped resources are equal, i.e. they have the same URI.

See also
otherresource wrapper instance to compare to

Definition at line 52 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

◆ resource()

ResourcePtr Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper::resource ( ) const

returns the wrapped resource.

Whether a null resource or not, the returned pointer itself is never a null pointer!

Definition at line 62 of file resourcewrapper.cpp.

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