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Syndication::RDF::Document Class Reference

#include <document.h>

Inheritance diagram for Syndication::RDF::Document:

Public Member Functions

 Document ()
 Document (ResourcePtr resource)
 Document (const Document &other)
 ~Document () override
bool accept (DocumentVisitor *visitor) override
DublinCore dc () const
QString debugInfo () const override
QString description () const
Image image () const
bool isValid () const override
QList< Itemitems () const
QString link () const
Documentoperator= (const Document &other)
bool operator== (const Document &other) const
SyndicationInfo syn () const
TextInput textInput () const
QString title () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Syndication::SpecificDocument
virtual ~SpecificDocument ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Syndication::RDF::ResourceWrapper
 ResourceWrapper ()
 ResourceWrapper (const ResourceWrapper &other)
 ResourceWrapper (ResourcePtr resource)
virtual ~ResourceWrapper ()
bool isNull () const
ResourceWrapperoperator= (const ResourceWrapper &other)
bool operator== (const ResourceWrapper &other) const
ResourcePtr resource () const

Detailed Description

Document implementation for RDF, representing an RSS 1.0 feed.

Frank Osterfeld

Definition at line 38 of file rdf/document.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Syndication::RDF::Document::Document ( )

creates a wrapper wrapping a null resource

Definition at line 52 of file rdf/document.cpp.

Syndication::RDF::Document::Document ( ResourcePtr  resource)

creates a document by wrapping a channel resource

resourcethe channel resource to wrap

Definition at line 60 of file rdf/document.cpp.

Syndication::RDF::Document::Document ( const Document other)

creates a copy of another document

otherthe document to copy

Definition at line 68 of file rdf/document.cpp.

Syndication::RDF::Document::~Document ( )


Definition at line 76 of file rdf/document.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool Syndication::RDF::Document::accept ( DocumentVisitor visitor)

Used by visitors for double dispatch.

See DocumentVisitor for more information.

visitorthe visitor calling the method

Implements Syndication::SpecificDocument.

Definition at line 94 of file rdf/document.cpp.

DublinCore Syndication::RDF::Document::dc ( ) const

returns a dublin core description of the document.

Definition at line 121 of file rdf/document.cpp.

QString Syndication::RDF::Document::debugInfo ( ) const


/** Returns a description of the document for debugging purposes.

debug string

Implements Syndication::SpecificDocument.

Definition at line 284 of file rdf/document.cpp.

QString Syndication::RDF::Document::description ( ) const

A brief description of the channel's content, function, source, etc.

TODO: define format etc.

Definition at line 110 of file rdf/document.cpp.

Image Syndication::RDF::Document::image ( ) const

An image to be associated with an HTML rendering of the channel.

Definition at line 209 of file rdf/document.cpp.

bool Syndication::RDF::Document::isValid ( ) const

returns whether this document is valid or not.

Invalid documents do not contain any useful information.

Implements Syndication::SpecificDocument.

Definition at line 99 of file rdf/document.cpp.

QList< Item > Syndication::RDF::Document::items ( ) const

list of items contained in this feed

Definition at line 171 of file rdf/document.cpp.

QString Syndication::RDF::Document::link ( ) const

The URL to which an HTML rendering of the channel title will link, commonly the parent site's home or news page.

Definition at line 116 of file rdf/document.cpp.

Document & Syndication::RDF::Document::operator= ( const Document other)

assigns another document

otherthe document to assign

Definition at line 86 of file rdf/document.cpp.

bool Syndication::RDF::Document::operator== ( const Document other) const

compares two documents.

Two documents are equal if they wrap the same resource. See ResourceWrapper::operator==()

otherthe document to compare to

Definition at line 81 of file rdf/document.cpp.

SyndicationInfo Syndication::RDF::Document::syn ( ) const

returns syndication information describing how often this feed is updated.

Definition at line 126 of file rdf/document.cpp.

TextInput Syndication::RDF::Document::textInput ( ) const

An optional text input element associated with the channel.

Definition at line 216 of file rdf/document.cpp.

QString Syndication::RDF::Document::title ( ) const

title of the feed (required)

feed title as TODO: define format

Definition at line 104 of file rdf/document.cpp.

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