Syndication::SpecificDocument Class Referenceabstract

#include <specificdocument.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SpecificDocument ()
virtual bool accept (DocumentVisitor *visitor)=0
virtual QString debugInfo () const =0
virtual bool isValid () const =0

Detailed Description

Document interface for format-specific feed documents as parsed from a document source (see DocumentSource).

The Document classes from the several syndication formats must implement this interface. It's main purpose is to provide access for document visitors (see DocumentVisitor). Usually it is not necessary to access the format-specific document at all, use Feed for a format-agnostic interface to all feed documents supported by the library.

Frank Osterfeld

Definition at line 39 of file specificdocument.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Syndication::SpecificDocument::~SpecificDocument ( )

virtual dtor

Definition at line 13 of file specificdocument.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Syndication::SpecificDocument::accept ( DocumentVisitor visitor)
pure virtual

This must be implemented for the double dispatch technique (Visitor pattern).

The usual implementation is

return visitor->visit(this);

See also DocumentVisitor.

visitorthe visitor "visiting" this object

Implemented in Syndication::Atom::EntryDocument, Syndication::RDF::Document, Syndication::RSS2::Document, and Syndication::Atom::FeedDocument.

virtual QString Syndication::SpecificDocument::debugInfo ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns a description of the document for debugging purposes.

debug string

Implemented in Syndication::RSS2::Document, Syndication::Atom::EntryDocument, Syndication::Atom::FeedDocument, and Syndication::RDF::Document.

virtual bool Syndication::SpecificDocument::isValid ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns whether this document is valid or not.

Invalid documents do not contain any useful information.

Implemented in Syndication::Atom::EntryDocument, Syndication::Atom::FeedDocument, Syndication::RDF::Document, and Syndication::RSS2::Document.

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