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 NAtomAtom parser and model classes, representing Atom 1.0 documents (Atom 0.3 documents are converted by the parser)
 CCategoryA category for categorizing items or whole feeds
 CEntryAtom entry, equivalent to the "items" in the RSS world
 CEntryDocumentAn Atom 1.0 Entry Document, containing a single Atom entry outside of the context of a feed
 CFeedDocumentAn Atom 1.0 Feed Document, containing metadata describing the feed and a number of entries
 CGeneratorDescription of the agent used to generate the feed
 CLinkA link, pointing to webpages, media files on the web ("podcast"), related content, etc
 CPersonDescribes a person, with name and optional URI and e-mail address
 CSourceIf an entry was copied from another feed, this class contains a description of the source feed
 NRDFSyndication's parser for the RDF-based RSS 0.9 and RSS 1.0 formats
 CDublinCoreA resource wrapper providing convenient access to Dublin Core metadata
 CImageAn image to be associated with an HTML rendering of the channel
 CModelAn RDF model, a set of RDF statements
 CModelMakerAn RDF parser, used to parse an RDF model from RDF/XML
 CNodeRDF node, abstract baseclass for all RDF node types, like resources and literals
 CNodeVisitorVisitor interface, following the Visitor design pattern
 CPropertyProperty is node type that represents properties of things, like "name" is a property of a person, or "color" is a property of e.g
 CSyndicationInfoWrapper to access syndication information for a feed
 CTextInput"The textinput element affords a method for submitting form data to an arbitrary URL - usually located at the parent website
 NRSS2A parser and model classes for RSS 0.91 (Userland and Netscape flavor), 0.92, 0.93, 0.94 and 2.0(.1)
 CCategoryA category which can be assigned to items or whole feeds
 CCloudCloud information for an RSS channel
 CEnclosureDescribes a media object that is "attached" to the item
 CImageAn RSS2 image, used to describe feed logos
 CSourceClass representing the <source> element in RSS2
 CTextInput"The purpose of the <textInput> element is something of a mystery
 CAbstractParserInterface for all parsers
 CCategoryA category for categorizing items or whole feeds
 CDataRetrieverAbstract baseclass for all data retriever classes
 CDocumentVisitorVisitor interface, following the Visitor design pattern
 CEnclosureAn enclosure describes a (media) file available on the net
 CFeedThis class represents a feed document ("Channel" in RSS, "Feed" in Atom)
 CImageThis class represents an image file on the web
 CItemAn item from a news feed
 CMapperA mapper maps an SpecificDocument to something else
 CParserCollectionA collection of format-specific parser implementations
 CPersonPerson objects hold information about a person, such as the author of the content syndicated in the feed
 CSpecificDocumentDocument interface for format-specific feed documents as parsed from a document source (see DocumentSource)
 CSpecificItemInterface for all format-specific item-like classes, such as RSS2/RDF items, and Atom entries
 CSpecificItemVisitorVisitor interface, following the Visitor design pattern
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