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Syndication::RDF::Node Class Referenceabstract

#include <node.h>

Inherited by Syndication::RDF::Literal, and Syndication::RDF::Resource.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Node ()
virtual void accept (NodeVisitor *visitor, NodePtr ptr)
virtual Nodeclone () const =0
virtual unsigned int id () const =0
virtual bool isAnon () const =0
virtual bool isLiteral () const =0
virtual bool isNull () const =0
virtual bool isProperty () const =0
virtual bool isResource () const =0
virtual bool isSequence () const =0
virtual void setId (unsigned int id)=0
virtual void setModel (const Model &model)=0
virtual QString text () const =0

Static Protected Attributes

static unsigned int idCounter = 1

Detailed Description

an RDF node, abstract baseclass for all RDF node types, like resources and literals

Definition at line 31 of file node.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Node()

Node::~Node ( )


Definition at line 22 of file node.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ accept()

void Node::accept ( NodeVisitor * visitor,
NodePtr ptr )

Used by visitors for double dispatch.

See NodeVisitor for more information.

visitorthe visitor calling the method
ptra shared pointer object for this node

Reimplemented in Syndication::RDF::Property.

Definition at line 17 of file node.cpp.

◆ clone()

virtual Node * Syndication::RDF::Node::clone ( ) const
pure virtual

returns a copy of the object.

Must be implemented by subclasses to return a copy using the concrete type

Implemented in Syndication::RDF::Property.

◆ id()

virtual unsigned int Syndication::RDF::Node::id ( ) const
pure virtual

the identifier of this node.

the ID is unique per model and set by the associated model at creation time.

◆ isAnon()

virtual bool Syndication::RDF::Node::isAnon ( ) const
pure virtual

returns whether this node is an anonymous resource

◆ isLiteral()

virtual bool Syndication::RDF::Node::isLiteral ( ) const
pure virtual

returns whether this node is a literal

◆ isNull()

virtual bool Syndication::RDF::Node::isNull ( ) const
pure virtual

returns whether this node is a null node

◆ isProperty()

virtual bool Syndication::RDF::Node::isProperty ( ) const
pure virtual

returns whether this node is a property

Implemented in Syndication::RDF::Property.

◆ isResource()

virtual bool Syndication::RDF::Node::isResource ( ) const
pure virtual

returns whether this node is a resource

◆ isSequence()

virtual bool Syndication::RDF::Node::isSequence ( ) const
pure virtual

returns whether this node is an RDF sequence

◆ setId()

virtual void Syndication::RDF::Node::setId ( unsigned int id)
pure virtual

used in Model

◆ setModel()

virtual void Syndication::RDF::Node::setModel ( const Model & model)
pure virtual

used in Model

◆ text()

virtual QString Syndication::RDF::Node::text ( ) const
pure virtual

returns a textual representation of the node.

This is the literal string for literals, and a null string for other node types.

Member Data Documentation

◆ idCounter

unsigned int Node::idCounter = 1

used to generate unique IDs for node objects

Definition at line 113 of file node.h.

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