Syndication::RDF Namespace Reference


class  DublinCore
class  Image
class  Model
class  ModelMaker
class  Node
class  NodeVisitor
class  Property
class  SyndicationInfo
class  TextInput


typedef QSharedPointer< PropertyPropertyPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ResourceResourcePtr
typedef QSharedPointer< Statement > StatementPtr


static QList< ItemsortListToMatchSequence (QList< Item > items, const QStringList &uriSequence)

Detailed Description

Syndication's parser for the RDF-based RSS 0.9 and RSS 1.0 formats.

Typedef Documentation

◆ PropertyPtr

Definition at line 24 of file rdfvocab.h.

◆ ResourcePtr

Definition at line 26 of file rdfvocab.h.

◆ StatementPtr

Definition at line 27 of file resource.h.

Function Documentation

◆ sortListToMatchSequence()

static QList< Item > Syndication::RDF::sortListToMatchSequence ( QList< Item > items,
const QStringList & uriSequence )

Definition at line 140 of file rdf/document.cpp.

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