Syndication Namespace Reference




class  AbstractParser
class  AtomMapper
class  Category
class  CategoryAtomImpl
class  CategoryRSS2Impl
class  DataRetriever
class  DocumentVisitor
class  Enclosure
class  EnclosureAtomImpl
class  EnclosureRSS2Impl
class  Feed
class  FeedAtomImpl
class  FeedRDFImpl
class  FeedRSS2Impl
class  Image
class  ImageAtomImpl
class  ImageRDFImpl
class  ImageRSS2Impl
class  Item
class  ItemAtomImpl
class  ItemRDFImpl
class  ItemRSS2Impl
class  Mapper
class  ParserCollection
class  Person
class  RDFMapper
class  RSS2Mapper
class  SpecificDocument
class  SpecificItem
class  SpecificItemVisitor


typedef QSharedPointer< CategoryAtomImplCategoryAtomImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< CategoryCategoryPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< CategoryRSS2ImplCategoryRSS2ImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< EnclosureAtomImplEnclosureAtomImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< EnclosureRSS2ImplEnclosureRSS2ImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< FeedAtomImplFeedAtomImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< FeedRDFImplFeedRDFImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< FeedRSS2ImplFeedRSS2ImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ImageAtomImplImageAtomImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ImageImagePtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ImageRDFImplImageRDFImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ImageRSS2ImplImageRSS2ImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ItemAtomImplItemAtomImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ItemRDFImplItemRDFImplPtr
typedef QSharedPointer< ItemRSS2ImplItemRSS2ImplPtr


enum  ErrorCode {
  Success = 0, Aborted = 1, Timeout = 2, UnknownHost = 3,
  FileNotFound = 4, OtherRetrieverError = 5, InvalidXml = 6, XmlNotAccepted = 7,
  InvalidFormat = 8


unsigned int calcHash (const QByteArray &array)
unsigned int calcHash (const QString &str)
QString calcMD5Sum (const QString &str)
QString commentApiNamespace ()
QString contentNameSpace ()
QString convertNewlines (const QString &strp)
QString dateTimeToString (uint date)
QString dublinCoreNamespace ()
QString escapeSpecialCharacters (const QString &strp)
QString htmlToPlainText (const QString &html)
bool isHtml (const QString &str)
QString itunesNamespace ()
QString normalize (const QString &str)
QString normalize (const QString &strp, bool isCDATA, bool containsMarkup)
FeedPtr parse (const DocumentSource &src, const QString &formatHint=QString())
uint parseDate (const QString &str, DateFormat hint)
uint parseISODate (const QString &str)
ParserCollection< Feed > * parserCollection ()
uint parseRFCDate (const QString &str)
PersonPtr personFromString (const QString &strp)
QString plainTextToHtml (const QString &plainText)
QString resolveEntities (const QString &str)
QString slashNamespace ()
bool stringContainsMarkup (const QString &str)
static QRegularExpression tagRegExp ()
static uint toTimeT (QDateTime &kdt)
QString xhtmlNamespace ()
QString xmlNamespace ()


QCryptographicHash md5Machine (QCryptographicHash::Md5)
static ParserCollectionImpl< Syndication::Feed > * parserColl = nullptr

Detailed Description


Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ErrorCode

error code indicating fetching or parsing errors


No error occurred, feed was fetched and parsed successfully.


file downloading/parsing was aborted by the user


file download timed out


The hostname couldn't get resolved to an IP address.


the host was contacted successfully, but reported a 404 error


retriever error not covered by the error codes above.

This is returned if a custom DataRetriever was used. See the retriever-specific status byte for more information on the occurred error.


The XML is invalid.

This is returned if no parser accepts the source and the DOM document can't be parsed. It is not returned if the source is not valid XML but a (non-XML) parser accepts it.


The source is valid XML, but no parser accepted it.


the source was accepted by a parser, but the actual parsing failed.

As our parser implementations currently do not validate the source ("parse what you can get"), this code will be rarely seen.

Definition at line 70 of file global.h.

Function Documentation

◆ commentApiNamespace()

SYNDICATION_EXPORT QString Syndication::commentApiNamespace ( )'s RSS namespace for comment functionality ""

Definition at line 39 of file constants.cpp.

◆ parse()

SYNDICATION_EXPORT FeedPtr Syndication::parse ( const DocumentSource &  src,
const QString formatHint = QString() 

parses a document from a source and returns a new Feed object wrapping the feed content.

Shortcut for parserCollection()->parse(). See ParserCollection::parse() for more details.

srcthe document source to parse
formatHintan optional hint which format to test first

Definition at line 54 of file global.cpp.

◆ parserCollection()

SYNDICATION_EXPORT ParserCollection< Feed > * Syndication::parserCollection ( )

The default ParserCollection instance parsing a DocumentSource into a Feed object.

Use this to parse a local file or a otherwise manually created DocumentSource object.

To retrieve a feed from the web, use Loader instead.

Example code:

QFile someFile(somePath);
DocumentSource src(someFile.readAll());
FeedPtr feed = parserCollection()->parse(src);
if (feed)
QString title = feed->title();
QList<ItemPtr> items = feed->items();

Definition at line 41 of file global.cpp.

◆ slashNamespace()

SYNDICATION_EXPORT QString Syndication::slashNamespace ( )

"slash" namespace

Definition at line 44 of file constants.cpp.

ParserCollection< Feed > * parserCollection()
The default ParserCollection instance parsing a DocumentSource into a Feed object.
Definition: global.cpp:41
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