Syndication::Atom Namespace Reference


class  Category
class  Content
class  Entry
class  EntryDocument
class  FeedDocument
class  Generator
class  Link
class  Parser
class  Person
class  Source


QString atom0_3Namespace ()
QString atom1Namespace ()
QString extractAtomText (const Syndication::ElementWrapper &parent, const QString &tagname)

Detailed Description

Atom parser and model classes, representing Atom 1.0 documents (Atom 0.3 documents are converted by the parser)

Function Documentation

◆ atom0_3Namespace()

SYNDICATION_EXPORT QString Syndication::Atom::atom0_3Namespace ( )

namespace used by Atom 0.3 elements

Definition at line 21 of file atom/constants.cpp.

◆ atom1Namespace()

SYNDICATION_EXPORT QString Syndication::Atom::atom1Namespace ( )

namespace used by Atom 1.0 elements

Definition at line 16 of file atom/constants.cpp.

◆ extractAtomText()

QString Syndication::Atom::extractAtomText ( const Syndication::ElementWrapper & parent,
const QString & tagname )

extracts the content of an atomTextConstruct.

An atomTextConstruct is an element containing either plain text, escaped html, or embedded XHTML.

TODO: examples

parentthe parent element to extract from. E.g. an atom:entry element.
tagnamethe child element of parent to extract from the text from. Atom namespace is assumed. Example: <atom:title>
the HTMLized version of the element content. If the content is escaped HTML, the escaped markup is resolved. If it is XHTML, the XHTML content is converted to a string. If it is plain text, characters like "&lt;", ">", "&amp;" are escaped so the return string is valid HTML.

Definition at line 21 of file atomtools.cpp.

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