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#include <content.h>

Inheritance diagram for Syndication::Atom::Content:

Public Types

enum  Format { PlainText, EscapedHTML, XML, Binary }

Public Member Functions

 Content ()
 Content (const Content &other)
 Content (const QDomElement &element)
 ~Content () override
QByteArray asByteArray () const
QString asString () const
QString debugInfo () const
Format format () const
bool isBinary () const
bool isContained () const
bool isEscapedHTML () const
bool isPlainText () const
bool isXML () const
Contentoperator= (const Content &other)
QString src () const
QString type () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Syndication::ElementWrapper
 ElementWrapper ()
 ElementWrapper (const ElementWrapper &other)
 ElementWrapper (const QDomElement &element)
virtual ~ElementWrapper ()
QString attribute (const QString &name, const QString &defValue=QString()) const
QString attributeNS (const QString &nsURI, const QString &localName, const QString &defValue=QString()) const
QString childNodesAsXML () const
QString completeURI (const QString &uri) const
const QDomElementelement () const
QList< QDomElementelementsByTagName (const QString &tagName) const
QList< QDomElementelementsByTagNameNS (const QString &nsURI, const QString &tagName) const
QString extractElementText (const QString &tagName) const
QString extractElementTextNS (const QString &namespaceURI, const QString &localName) const
QDomElement firstElementByTagNameNS (const QString &nsURI, const QString &tagName) const
bool hasAttribute (const QString &name) const
bool hasAttributeNS (const QString &nsURI, const QString &localName) const
bool isNull () const
ElementWrapperoperator= (const ElementWrapper &other)
bool operator== (const ElementWrapper &other) const
QString text () const
QString xmlBase () const
QString xmlLang () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Format mapTypeToFormat (const QString &type, const QString &src=QString())
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Syndication::ElementWrapper
static QString childNodesAsXML (const QDomElement &parent)

Detailed Description

The content element either contains or links the content of an entry.

The content is usually plain text or HTML, but arbitrary XML or binary content are also possible. If isContained() is false, the content is not contained in the feed source, but linked.

Frank Osterfeld

Definition at line 30 of file content.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Format

format of the content.


the content is plain text (i.e.

"<", ">" etc. are text, not markup


the content is escaped HTML, (i.e., "<", ">" etc.

are markup)


the content is embedded XML


the content is base64-encoded binary content

Definition at line 36 of file content.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Content() [1/3]

Syndication::Atom::Content::Content ( )

creates a null content object.

Definition at line 31 of file content.cpp.

◆ Content() [2/3]

Syndication::Atom::Content::Content ( const QDomElement element)

creates a Content object wrapping an atom:content element.

elementa DOM element, should be a atom:content element (although not enforced), otherwise this object will not parse anything useful

Definition at line 37 of file content.cpp.

◆ Content() [3/3]

Syndication::Atom::Content::Content ( const Content other)

creates a copy of another Content object

otherthe content object to copy

Definition at line 43 of file content.cpp.

◆ ~Content()

Syndication::Atom::Content::~Content ( )


Definition at line 49 of file content.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ asByteArray()

QByteArray Syndication::Atom::Content::asByteArray ( ) const

returns binary content as byte array.

byte array containing the embedded binary data, or an empty array if the content is not in binary format

Definition at line 70 of file content.cpp.

◆ asString()

QString Syndication::Atom::Content::asString ( ) const

returns the content as string.

If the content format is Text, the returned string contains the text as HTML. If the content is embedded XML, the XML is returned as string.

a string representation of the content, or a null string if the content is either binary content or not contained but linked (see isContained())

Definition at line 157 of file content.cpp.

◆ debugInfo()

QString Syndication::Atom::Content::debugInfo ( ) const

returns a description of the content object for debugging purposes

debug string

Definition at line 172 of file content.cpp.

◆ format()

Content::Format Syndication::Atom::Content::format ( ) const

returns the content format

Definition at line 123 of file content.cpp.

◆ isBinary()

bool Syndication::Atom::Content::isBinary ( ) const

returns whether the content is binary content or not.

Use asByteArray() to access it.

Definition at line 132 of file content.cpp.

◆ isContained()

bool Syndication::Atom::Content::isContained ( ) const

returns whether the content is contained in the feed source, or not.

If it is not contained, src() provides a URL to the content.

Definition at line 137 of file content.cpp.

◆ isEscapedHTML()

bool Syndication::Atom::Content::isEscapedHTML ( ) const

returns whether the content is escaped HTML or not Use asString() to access it

Definition at line 147 of file content.cpp.

◆ isPlainText()

bool Syndication::Atom::Content::isPlainText ( ) const

returns whether the content is plain text or not.

Use asString() to access it.

Definition at line 142 of file content.cpp.

◆ isXML()

bool Syndication::Atom::Content::isXML ( ) const

returns whether the content is embedded XML.

Use element() to access the DOM tree, or asString() to get the XML as string.

Definition at line 152 of file content.cpp.

◆ mapTypeToFormat()

Content::Format Syndication::Atom::Content::mapTypeToFormat ( const QString type,
const QString src = QString() 

maps a mimetype to Format enum according to the Atom 1.0 specification

typea valid mimetype, or one of "text", "html", "xhtml"
srccontent source, see src() for details.

Definition at line 78 of file content.cpp.

◆ operator=()

Content & Syndication::Atom::Content::operator= ( const Content other)

assigns another content objecct

otherthe Content object to assign

Definition at line 53 of file content.cpp.

◆ src()

QString Syndication::Atom::Content::src ( ) const

If src() is set, the content of this entry is not contained in the feed source, but available on the net.

src() then contains a URL (more precise: IRI reference) linking to remote content. If src is provided, type() should contain a mimetype, instead of "text", "html" or "xhtml".

a null string if the content is contained in the feed source, or a URL linking to the remote content

Definition at line 65 of file content.cpp.

◆ type()

QString Syndication::Atom::Content::type ( ) const

the type of the content.

This is either "text" (plain text), "html" (escaped HTML), "xhtml" (embedded XHTML) or a mime type

the content type. If no type is specified, "text" (the default) is returned.

Definition at line 60 of file content.cpp.

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