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Syndication::Atom::Link Class Reference

#include <link.h>

Inherits Syndication::ElementWrapper.

Public Member Functions

 Link ()
 Link (const QDomElement &element)
QString debugInfo () const
QString href () const
QString hrefLanguage () const
uint length () const
QString rel () const
QString title () const
QString type () const

Detailed Description

A link, pointing to webpages, media files on the web ("podcast"), related content, etc.

See rel() for details.

Frank Osterfeld

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Link() [1/2]

Syndication::Atom::Link::Link ( )

creates a null link object.

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◆ Link() [2/2]

Syndication::Atom::Link::Link ( const QDomElement & element)

creates a Link object wrapping an atom:link element.

elementa DOM element, should be a atom:link element (although not enforced), otherwise this object will not parse anything useful

Definition at line 22 of file link.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ debugInfo()

QString Syndication::Atom::Link::debugInfo ( ) const

description of the link object for debugging purposes

debug string

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◆ href()

QString Syndication::Atom::Link::href ( ) const

URL of the referenced resource (required)

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◆ hrefLanguage()

QString Syndication::Atom::Link::hrefLanguage ( ) const

the language of the linked resource.

(optional) If used together with a rel() value of "alternate", it implies a translated version of the entry.

a language tag as defined in RFC 3066, or a null string if not specified

Definition at line 43 of file link.cpp.

◆ length()

uint Syndication::Atom::Link::length ( ) const

size of the linked resource in bytes.


file size in bytes, or 0 if not specified

Definition at line 53 of file link.cpp.

◆ rel()

QString Syndication::Atom::Link::rel ( ) const

the relation between the feed/entry and the linked resource.

The value of rel() is usually one of the following:

"alternate": The URL points to an alternate version of the feed/entry. In practice, this is the article described in an entry, or the homepage of the feed.

"enclosure": The link describes an Enclosure. See Syndication::Enclosure for more information.

"related": links to web resources with related content. E.g., an article discussing KDE might link to the KDE homepage.

"self": "identifies a resource equivalent to the containing element". This is usually the URL of the feed source itself.

"via": The link points to the source of the information contained in the feed/entry

the rel value specified in the feed. Default value is "alternate"

Definition at line 32 of file link.cpp.

◆ title()

QString Syndication::Atom::Link::title ( ) const

human-readable information about the link.


the link title as plain text ("<", "&" are text, not markup!), or a null string if not specified

Definition at line 48 of file link.cpp.

◆ type()

QString Syndication::Atom::Link::type ( ) const

MIME type of the linked resource.


MIME type following (e.g., "text/html", "audio/mpeg"), or a null string if not set

Definition at line 38 of file link.cpp.

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