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ThreadWeaver::Sequence Class Reference

#include <sequence.h>

Inheritance diagram for ThreadWeaver::Sequence:

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ThreadWeaver::Collection
 Collection (ThreadWeaver::Private::Collection_Private *d)
virtual void addJob (JobPointer)
int elementCount () const
Collectionoperator<< (const ThreadWeaver::JobPointer &job)
Collectionoperator<< (JobInterface &job)
Collectionoperator<< (ThreadWeaver::JobInterface *job)
void requestAbort () override
void stop ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThreadWeaver::Job
 Job ()
 Job (Private::Job_Private *d)
 ~Job () override
void aboutToBeDequeued (QueueAPI *api) override
void aboutToBeDequeued_locked (QueueAPI *api) override
void aboutToBeQueued (QueueAPI *api) override
void aboutToBeQueued_locked (QueueAPI *api) override
void assignQueuePolicy (QueuePolicy *) override
void blockingExecute () override
void execute (const JobPointer &job, Thread *) override
Executor * executor () const override
bool isFinished () const override
QMutexmutex () const override
void onFinish (const std::function< void(const JobInterface &job)> &lambda)
int priority () const override
QList< QueuePolicy * > queuePolicies () const override
void removeQueuePolicy (QueuePolicy *) override
void requestAbort () override
Executor * setExecutor (Executor *executor) override
void setStatus (Status) override
bool shouldAbort () const
Status status () const override
bool success () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ThreadWeaver::Collection
void aboutToBeDequeued_locked (QueueAPI *api) override
void aboutToBeQueued_locked (QueueAPI *api) override
ThreadWeaver::Private::Collection_Private * d ()
const ThreadWeaver::Private::Collection_Private * d () const
void execute (const JobPointer &job, Thread *) override
JobPointer jobAt (int i)
virtual int jobListLength_locked () const
void run (JobPointer self, Thread *thread) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ThreadWeaver::Job
Private::Job_Private * d ()
const Private::Job_Private * d () const
void defaultBegin (const JobPointer &job, Thread *thread) override
void defaultEnd (const JobPointer &job, Thread *thread) override

Detailed Description

A Sequence is a vector of Jobs that will be executed in a sequence.

It is implemented by automatically creating the necessary dependencies between the Jobs in the sequence.

Sequence provides a handy cleanup and unwind mechanism: the stop() slot. If it is called, the processing of the sequence will stop, and all its remaining Jobs will be dequeued. A Sequence is the first element of itself.

Definition at line 30 of file sequence.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Sequence()

ThreadWeaver::Sequence::Sequence ( )

Definition at line 20 of file sequence.cpp.

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