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 CThreadWeaver::Queue::GlobalQueueFactoryInterface for the global queue factory
 CThreadWeaver::IdDecoratorIdDecorator decorates a job without changing it's behaviour
 CThreadWeaver::JobA Job is a simple abstraction of an action that is to be executed in a thread context
 CThreadWeaver::CollectionA Collection is a vector of Jobs that will be queued together
 CThreadWeaver::SequenceA Sequence is a vector of Jobs that will be executed in a sequence
 CThreadWeaver::Lambda< T >Lambda is a template that takes any type on which operator() is available, and executes it in run()
 CQObject [external]
 CQThread [external]
 CThreadWeaver::ThreadThread represents a worker thread in a Queue's inventory
 CThreadWeaver::QueueSignalsQueueSignals declares the Qt signals shared by the Queue and Weaver classes
 CThreadWeaver::QueueQueue implements a ThreadWeaver job queue
 CThreadWeaver::QueueInterfaceWeaverInterface provides a common interface for weaver implementations
 CThreadWeaver::QueueSignalsQueueSignals declares the Qt signals shared by the Queue and Weaver classes
 CThreadWeaver::StateWe use a State pattern to handle the system state in ThreadWeaver
 CThreadWeaver::WeaverImplStateBase class for all WeaverImpl states
 CThreadWeaver::DestructedStateDestructedState is only active after the thread have been destroyed by the destructor, but before superclass destructors have finished
 CThreadWeaver::InConstructionStateInConstructionState handles the calls to the Weaver object until the constructor has finished
 CThreadWeaver::ShuttingDownStateShuttingDownState is enabled when the Weaver destructor is entered
 CThreadWeaver::SuspendedStateIn SuspendedState, jobs are queued, but will not be executed
 CThreadWeaver::SuspendingStateSuspendingState is the state after suspend() has been called, but before all threads finished executing the current job and blocked
 CThreadWeaver::QueuePolicyQueuePolicy is an interface for customizations of the queueing behaviour of jobs
 CThreadWeaver::DependencyPolicyDependencyPolicy implements execution-time dependencies dependencies between Jobs
 CThreadWeaver::ResourceRestrictionPolicyResourceRestrictionPolicy is used to limit the number of concurrent accesses to the same resource
 CThreadWeaver::QueueStreamQueueStream implements a stream based API to access ThreadWeaver queues
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