Akonadi Search

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 NSearchAkonadi search infrastructure
 NPIMPIM specific search API
 CCollectionQueryCollection query
 CContactCompleterContact completer
 CContactQueryQuery for a list of contacts matching a criteria
 CEmailQueryEmail query
 CIndexedItemsIndexed items
 CNoteQueryQuery for a list of contacts matching a criteria
 CQueryQuery base class
 CResultIteratorResult iterator
 CAkonadiSearchDebugDialogThe AkonadiSearchDebugDialog class
 CAkonadiSearchDebugSearchPathComboBoxThe AkonadiSearchDebugSearchPathComboBox class
 CAkonadiSearchDebugWidgetThe AkonadiSearchDebugWidget class
 CQuerySearch query
 CResultIteratorResult iterator
 CSearchStoreSearch store
 CTermSearch term
 CXapianDatabaseXapian database
 CXapianDocumentThis class is just a light wrapper over Xapian::Document which provides nice Qt apis
 CXapianQueryParserXapian query parser
 CXapianSearchStoreImplements a search store using Xapian
 CXapianTermGeneratorXapian term generator
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