Akonadi::Server::CollectionQueryHelper Namespace Reference


bool canBeMovedTo (const Collection &collection, const Collection &parent)
bool hasAllowedName (const Collection &collection, const QString &name, Collection::Id parent)
void remoteIdToQuery (const QStringList &rids, const CommandContext &context, QueryBuilder &qb)
Collection resolveHierarchicalRID (const QList< Scope::HRID > &hridChain, Resource::Id resId)
void scopeToQuery (const Scope &scope, const CommandContext &context, QueryBuilder &qb)

Detailed Description

Helper methods to generate WHERE clauses for collection queries based on a Scope object.

Function Documentation

◆ canBeMovedTo()

bool Akonadi::Server::CollectionQueryHelper::canBeMovedTo ( const Collection & collection,
const Collection & parent )

Checks if a collection could be moved from its current parent into the given one.

Definition at line 70 of file collectionqueryhelper.cpp.

◆ hasAllowedName()

bool Akonadi::Server::CollectionQueryHelper::hasAllowedName ( const Collection & collection,
const QString & name,
Collection::Id parent )

Checks if a collection could exist in the given parent folder with the given name.

Definition at line 50 of file collectionqueryhelper.cpp.

◆ remoteIdToQuery()

void Akonadi::Server::CollectionQueryHelper::remoteIdToQuery ( const QStringList & rids,
const CommandContext & context,
QueryBuilder & qb )

Add conditions to qb for the given remote identifier rid.

The rid context is taken from context.

Definition at line 15 of file collectionqueryhelper.cpp.

◆ resolveHierarchicalRID()

Collection Akonadi::Server::CollectionQueryHelper::resolveHierarchicalRID ( const QList< Scope::HRID > & hridChain,
Resource::Id resId )

Retrieve the collection referred to by the given hierarchical RID chain.

Definition at line 87 of file collectionqueryhelper.cpp.

◆ scopeToQuery()

void Akonadi::Server::CollectionQueryHelper::scopeToQuery ( const Scope & scope,
const CommandContext & context,
QueryBuilder & qb )

Add conditions to qb for the given collection operation scope scope.

The rid context is taken from context, if none is specified an exception is thrown.

Definition at line 28 of file collectionqueryhelper.cpp.

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