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 CKIdentityManagementQuick::CryptographyBackendInterfaceDefines the interface used by the Cryptography Editor Backend
 CKIdentityManagementCore::IdentityUser identity information
 CKIdentityManagementQuick::KeyListModelInterfaceThis interface defines the roles and rolenames that are expected in the QtQuick Cryptography editor
 CQObject [external]
 CKIdentityManagementCore::IdentityManagerManages the list of identities
 CKIdentityManagementQuick::CryptographyEditorBackendThe CryptographyEditorBackend class
 CQWidget [external]
 CKIdentityManagementWidgets::SignatureConfiguratorThis widget gives an interface so users can edit their signature
 CQComboBox [external]
 CKIdentityManagementWidgets::IdentityComboA combo box that always shows the up-to-date identity list
 CQPaintDevice [external]
 CQWidget [external]
 CKIdentityManagementCore::SignatureAbstraction of a signature (aka "footer")
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