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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CPrecommandJobJob to execute a command
 CServerTestThis class can be used to test certain server to see if they support stuff
 CSmtpJobMail transport job for SMTP
 CSocketResponsible for communicating with the server, it's designed to work with the ServerTest class
 CTransportRepresents the settings of a specific mail transport
 CTransportAbstractPluginThe TransportAbstractPlugin class
 CTransportAbstractPluginInfoThe TransportAbstractPluginInfo struct
 CTransportComboBoxA combo-box for selecting a mail transport
 CTransportJobAbstract base class for all mail transport jobs
 CTransportManagementWidgetNgA widget to manage mail transports
 CTransportManagerCentral transport management interface
 CTransportTypeA representation of a transport type
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