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 CConfigModuleKCModule for transport management
 CDispatcherInterfaceAn interface for applications to interact with the dispatcher agent
 CDispatchModeAttributeAttribute determining how and when a message from the outbox should be dispatched
 CErrorAttributeAn Attribute to mark messages that failed to be sent
 CMessageQueueJobProvides an interface for sending email
 CPrecommandJobJob to execute a command
 CSentActionAttributeAn Attribute that stores the action to execute after sending
 CActionA sent action
 CSentBehaviourAttributeAttribute determining what will happen to a message after it is sent
 CSmtpJobMail transport job for SMTP
 CTransportRepresents the settings of a specific mail transport
 CTransportAbstractPluginThe TransportAbstractPlugin class
 CTransportAbstractPluginInfoThe TransportAbstractPluginInfo struct
 CTransportAttributeAttribute determining which transport to use for sending a message
 CTransportComboBoxA combo-box for selecting a mail transport
 CTransportJobAbstract base class for all mail transport jobs
 CTransportManagementWidgetA widget to manage mail transports
 CTransportManagerCentral transport management interface
 CTransportTypeA representation of a transport type
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