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#include <about.h>

Inheritance diagram for KGAPI2::Drive::About:


class  AdditionalRoleInfo
class  Feature
class  Format
class  MaxUploadSize

Public Types

using AdditionalRoleInfoPtr = QSharedPointer<AdditionalRoleInfo>
using AdditionalRoleInfosList = QList<AdditionalRoleInfoPtr>
using FeaturePtr = QSharedPointer<Feature>
using FeaturesList = QList<FeaturePtr>
using FormatPtr = QSharedPointer<Format>
using FormatsList = QList<FormatPtr>
using MaxUploadSizePtr = QSharedPointer<MaxUploadSize>
using MaxUploadSizesList = QList<MaxUploadSizePtr>

Public Member Functions

 About (const About &other)
AdditionalRoleInfosList additionalRoleInfo () const
bool canCreateDrives () const
QString domainSharingPolicy () const
FormatsList exportFormats () const
FeaturesList features () const
FormatsList importFormats () const
bool isCurrentAppInstalled () const
qlonglong largestChangeId () const
MaxUploadSizesList maxUploadSizes () const
QString name () const
bool operator!= (const About &other) const
bool operator== (const About &other) const
QString permissionId () const
qlonglong quotaBytesTotal () const
qlonglong quotaBytesUsed () const
qlonglong quotaBytesUsedAggregate () const
qlonglong quotaBytesUsedInTrash () const
KGAPIDRIVE_DEPRECATED qlonglong quotaBytesUserAggregate () const
qlonglong remainingChangeIds () const
QString rootFolderId () const
QUrl selfLink () const
UserPtr user () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from KGAPI2::Object
 Object ()
 Object (const Object &other)
virtual ~Object ()
QString etag () const
bool operator== (const Object &other) const
void setEtag (const QString &etag)

Static Public Member Functions

static AboutPtr fromJSON (const QByteArray &jsonData)

Detailed Description

DriveAbout contains information about the current user along with Google Drive API settings.

Getters and setters' documentation is based on Google Drive's API v2 reference

See also
Andrius da Costa Ribas
Daniel Vrátil

Definition at line 35 of file about.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ AdditionalRoleInfoPtr

◆ AdditionalRoleInfosList

◆ FeaturePtr

Definition at line 182 of file about.h.

◆ FeaturesList

Definition at line 183 of file about.h.

◆ FormatPtr

Definition at line 72 of file about.h.

◆ FormatsList

Definition at line 73 of file about.h.

◆ MaxUploadSizePtr

◆ MaxUploadSizesList

Member Function Documentation

◆ additionalRoleInfo()

AdditionalRoleInfosList KGAPI2::Drive::About::additionalRoleInfo ( ) const

Returns information about supported additional roles per file type.

The most specific type takes precedence.

◆ canCreateDrives()

bool KGAPI2::Drive::About::canCreateDrives ( ) const

Returns whether the user can create shared drives.

◆ domainSharingPolicy()

QString KGAPI2::Drive::About::domainSharingPolicy ( ) const

Returns the domain sharing policy for the current user.

◆ exportFormats()

FormatsList KGAPI2::Drive::About::exportFormats ( ) const

Returns the allowable export formats.

◆ features()

FeaturesList KGAPI2::Drive::About::features ( ) const

Returns the list of additional features enabled on this account.

◆ fromJSON()

static AboutPtr KGAPI2::Drive::About::fromJSON ( const QByteArray & jsonData)

Constructs a new DriveAbout object from given JSON data.


◆ importFormats()

FormatsList KGAPI2::Drive::About::importFormats ( ) const

Returns the allowable import formats.

◆ isCurrentAppInstalled()

bool KGAPI2::Drive::About::isCurrentAppInstalled ( ) const

Returns whether the authenticated app is installed by the authenticated user.

◆ largestChangeId()

qlonglong KGAPI2::Drive::About::largestChangeId ( ) const

Returns the largest change id.

◆ maxUploadSizes()

MaxUploadSizesList KGAPI2::Drive::About::maxUploadSizes ( ) const

Returns the list of max upload sizes for each file type.

The most specific type takes precedence.

◆ name()

QString KGAPI2::Drive::About::name ( ) const

Returns the name of the current user.

◆ operator!=()

bool KGAPI2::Drive::About::operator!= ( const About & other) const

Definition at line 273 of file about.h.

◆ permissionId()

QString KGAPI2::Drive::About::permissionId ( ) const

Returns the current user's ID as visible in the permissions collection.

◆ quotaBytesTotal()

qlonglong KGAPI2::Drive::About::quotaBytesTotal ( ) const

Returns the total number of quota bytes.

◆ quotaBytesUsed()

qlonglong KGAPI2::Drive::About::quotaBytesUsed ( ) const

Returns the total number of quota bytes used.

◆ quotaBytesUsedAggregate()

qlonglong KGAPI2::Drive::About::quotaBytesUsedAggregate ( ) const

returns the total number of quota bytes used by all Google apps (Drive, Picasa, etc.).


◆ quotaBytesUsedInTrash()

qlonglong KGAPI2::Drive::About::quotaBytesUsedInTrash ( ) const

Returns the total number of quota bytes used by trashed items.

◆ quotaBytesUserAggregate()

KGAPIDRIVE_DEPRECATED qlonglong KGAPI2::Drive::About::quotaBytesUserAggregate ( ) const

returns the total number of quota bytes used by all Google apps (Drive, Picasa, etc.).

since 5.3.2, use quotaBytesUsedAggregate() instead.

◆ remainingChangeIds()

qlonglong KGAPI2::Drive::About::remainingChangeIds ( ) const

Returns the number of remaining change ids.

◆ rootFolderId()

QString KGAPI2::Drive::About::rootFolderId ( ) const

Returns the id of the root folder.

◆ selfLink()

QUrl KGAPI2::Drive::About::selfLink ( ) const

Returns the link back to this item.

◆ user()

UserPtr KGAPI2::Drive::About::user ( ) const

Returns the authenticated user.

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