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About (KGAPI2::Drive)   
AboutFetchJob (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Account (KGAPI2)   
AccountInfo (KGAPI2)   
AccountInfoFetchJob (KGAPI2)   
AccountPromise (KGAPI2)   
About::AdditionalRoleInfo (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Address (KGAPI2::People)   
AgeRangeType (KGAPI2::People)   
AuthJob (KGAPI2)   
Drives::BackgroundImageFile (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Teamdrive::BackgroundImageFile (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Biography (KGAPI2::People)   
Birthday (KGAPI2::People)   
BraggingRights (KGAPI2::People)   
Calendar (KGAPI2)   
CalendarCreateJob (KGAPI2)   
CalendarDeleteJob (KGAPI2)   
CalendarFetchJob (KGAPI2)   
CalendarModifyJob (KGAPI2)   
CalendarUrl (KGAPI2::People)   
Drives::Capabilities (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Teamdrive::Capabilities (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Change (KGAPI2::Drive)   
ChildReference (KGAPI2::Drive)   
ClientData (KGAPI2::People)   
ContactGroup (KGAPI2::People)   
ContactGroupMembership (KGAPI2::People)   
ContactGroupMetadata (KGAPI2::People)   
CoverPhoto (KGAPI2::People)   
CreateJob (KGAPI2)   
DeleteJob (KGAPI2)   
DomainMembership (KGAPI2::People)   
Drives (KGAPI2::Drive)   
DrivesSearchQuery (KGAPI2::Drive)   
EmailAddress (KGAPI2::People)   
Event (KGAPI2)   
Event (KGAPI2::People)   
EventCreateJob (KGAPI2)   
EventDeleteJob (KGAPI2)   
EventFetchJob (KGAPI2)   
EventModifyJob (KGAPI2)   
EventMoveJob (KGAPI2)   
ExternalId (KGAPI2::People)   
About::Feature (KGAPI2::Drive)   
FeedData (KGAPI2)   
FetchJob (KGAPI2)   
FieldMetadata (KGAPI2::People)   
File (KGAPI2::Drive)   
FileAbstractResumableJob (KGAPI2::Drive)   
FileAs (KGAPI2::People)   
FileSearchQuery (KGAPI2::Drive)   
About::Format (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Gender (KGAPI2::People)   
GroupClientData (KGAPI2::People)   
File::ImageMediaMetadata (KGAPI2::Drive)   
ImClient (KGAPI2::People)   
File::IndexableText (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Interest (KGAPI2::People)   
Job (KGAPI2)   
File::Labels (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Latitude (KGAPI2)   
File::ImageMediaMetadata::Location (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Location (KGAPI2)   
Location (KGAPI2::People)   
LocationCreateJob (KGAPI2)   
LocationDeleteJob (KGAPI2)   
LocationFetchHistoryJob (KGAPI2)   
LocationFetchJob (KGAPI2)   
About::MaxUploadSize (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Membership (KGAPI2::People)   
MiscKeyword (KGAPI2::People)   
ModifyJob (KGAPI2)   
Name (KGAPI2::People)   
Nickname (KGAPI2::People)   
Object (KGAPI2)   
Occupation (KGAPI2::People)   
Organization (KGAPI2::People)   
ParentReference (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Permission (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Permission::PermissionDetails (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Person (KGAPI2::People)   
PersonLocale (KGAPI2::People)   
PersonMetadata (KGAPI2::People)   
PhoneNumber (KGAPI2::People)   
Photo (KGAPI2::People)   
ProfileMetadata (KGAPI2::People)   
Relation (KGAPI2::People)   
RelationshipInterest (KGAPI2::People)   
RelationshipStatus (KGAPI2::People)   
Reminder (KGAPI2)   
Residence (KGAPI2::People)   
Teamdrive::Restrictions (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Drives::Restrictions (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Revision (KGAPI2::Drive)   
About::AdditionalRoleInfo::RoleSet (KGAPI2::Drive)   
SearchQuery (KGAPI2::Drive)   
SipAddress (KGAPI2::People)   
Skill (KGAPI2::People)   
Source (KGAPI2::People)   
StaticMapMarker (KGAPI2)   
StaticMapPath (KGAPI2)   
StaticMapUrl (KGAPI2)   
Tagline (KGAPI2::People)   
Task (KGAPI2)   
TaskCreateJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskDeleteJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskFetchJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskList (KGAPI2)   
TaskListCreateJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskListDeleteJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskListFetchJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskListModifyJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskModifyJob (KGAPI2)   
TaskMoveJob (KGAPI2)   
Teamdrive (KGAPI2::Drive)   
TeamdriveSearchQuery (KGAPI2::Drive)   
Url (KGAPI2::People)   
User (KGAPI2::Drive)   
UserDefined (KGAPI2::People)   
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