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KGAPI2::Task Class Reference

#include <task.h>

Inheritance diagram for KGAPI2::Task:

Public Member Functions

 Task ()
 Task (const KCalendarCore::Todo &other)
 Task (const Task &other)
 ~Task () override
bool deleted () const
bool operator== (const Task &other) const
void setDeleted (bool deleted)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KGAPI2::Object
 Object ()
 Object (const Object &other)
virtual ~Object ()
QString etag () const
bool operator== (const Object &other) const
void setEtag (const QString &etag)
- Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::Todo
 Todo (const Incidence &other)
 Todo (const Todo &other)
Todoclone () const override
QDateTime completed () const
QDateTime dateTime (DateTimeRole role) const override
QDateTime dtDue (bool first=false) const
QDateTime dtRecurrence () const
QDateTime dtStart () const override
QDateTime dtStart (bool first) const
bool hasCompletedDate () const
bool hasDueDate () const
bool hasStartDate () const
QLatin1String iconName (const QDateTime &recurrenceId={}) const override
bool isCompleted () const
bool isInProgress (bool first) const
bool isNotStarted (bool first) const
bool isOpenEnded () const
bool isOverdue () const
QLatin1String mimeType () const override
int percentComplete () const
bool recursOn (const QDate &date, const QTimeZone &timeZone) const override
void setAllDay (bool allDay) override
void setCompleted (bool completed)
void setCompleted (const QDateTime &completeDate)
void setDateTime (const QDateTime &dateTime, DateTimeRole role) override
void setDtDue (const QDateTime &dtDue, bool first=false)
void setDtRecurrence (const QDateTime &dt)
void setPercentComplete (int percent)
void shiftTimes (const QTimeZone &oldZone, const QTimeZone &newZone) override
bool supportsGroupwareCommunication () const override
IncidenceType type () const override
QByteArray typeStr () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::Incidence
 Incidence (IncidencePrivate *p)
void addAlarm (const Alarm::Ptr &alarm)
void addAttachment (const Attachment &attachment)
void addConference (const Conference &conference)
Alarm::List alarms () const
QString altDescription () const
Attachment::List attachments () const
Attachment::List attachments (const QString &mime) const
QStringList categories () const
QString categoriesStr () const
void clearAlarms ()
void clearAttachments ()
void clearConferences ()
void clearRecurrence ()
QString color () const
Conference::List conferences () const
QDateTime created () const
QString customStatus () const
void deleteAttachments (const QString &mime)
QString description () const
bool descriptionIsRich () const
virtual QDateTime endDateForStart (const QDateTime &startDt) const
float geoLatitude () const
float geoLongitude () const
bool hasAltDescription () const
bool hasEnabledAlarms () const
bool hasGeo () const
bool hasRecurrenceId () const
QString instanceIdentifier () const
bool localOnly () const
QString location () const
bool locationIsRich () const
Alarm::Ptr newAlarm ()
int priority () const
void recreate ()
Recurrencerecurrence () const
QDateTime recurrenceId () const override
ushort recurrenceType () const
void recurrenceUpdated (Recurrence *recurrence) override
bool recurs () const
bool recursAt (const QDateTime &dt) const
QString relatedTo (RelType relType=RelTypeParent) const
void removeAlarm (const Alarm::Ptr &alarm)
QStringList resources () const
int revision () const
QString richDescription () const
QString richLocation () const
QString richSummary () const
QString schedulingID () const
Secrecy secrecy () const
void setAltDescription (const QString &altdescription)
void setCategories (const QString &catStr)
void setCategories (const QStringList &categories)
void setColor (const QString &colorName)
void setConferences (const Conference::List &conferences)
void setCreated (const QDateTime &dt)
void setCustomStatus (const QString &status)
void setDescription (const QString &description)
void setDescription (const QString &description, bool isRich)
void setDtStart (const QDateTime &dt) override
void setGeoLatitude (float geolatitude)
void setGeoLongitude (float geolongitude)
void setLastModified (const QDateTime &lm) override
void setLocalOnly (bool localonly)
void setLocation (const QString &location)
void setLocation (const QString &location, bool isRich)
void setPriority (int priority)
void setReadOnly (bool readonly) override
void setRecurrenceId (const QDateTime &recurrenceId)
void setRelatedTo (const QString &uid, RelType relType=RelTypeParent)
void setResources (const QStringList &resources)
void setRevision (int rev)
void setSchedulingID (const QString &sid, const QString &uid=QString())
void setSecrecy (Secrecy secrecy)
void setStatus (Status status)
void setSummary (const QString &summary)
void setSummary (const QString &summary, bool isRich)
void setThisAndFuture (bool thisAndFuture)
virtual QList< QDateTimestartDateTimesForDate (const QDate &date, const QTimeZone &timeZone) const
virtual QList< QDateTimestartDateTimesForDateTime (const QDateTime &datetime) const
Status status () const
QString summary () const
bool summaryIsRich () const
bool thisAndFuture () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::IncidenceBase
KCALENDARCORE_NO_EXPORT IncidenceBase (IncidenceBasePrivate *p)
virtual bool accept (Visitor &v, const IncidenceBase::Ptr &incidence)
void addAttendee (const Attendee &attendee, bool doUpdate=true)
void addComment (const QString &comment)
void addContact (const QString &contact)
bool allDay () const
Attendee attendeeByMail (const QString &email) const
Attendee attendeeByMails (const QStringList &emails, const QString &email=QString()) const
Attendee attendeeByUid (const QString &uid) const
int attendeeCount () const
Attendee::List attendees () const
void clearAttendees ()
void clearComments ()
void clearContacts ()
QStringList comments () const
QStringList contacts () const
QSet< IncidenceBase::FielddirtyFields () const
Duration duration () const
void endUpdates ()
bool hasDuration () const
bool isReadOnly () const
QDateTime lastModified () const
bool operator!= (const IncidenceBase &ib) const
IncidenceBaseoperator= (const IncidenceBase &other)
bool operator== (const IncidenceBase &ib) const
Person organizer () const
void registerObserver (IncidenceObserver *observer)
bool removeComment (const QString &comment)
bool removeContact (const QString &contact)
void resetDirtyFields ()
void setAttendees (const Attendee::List &attendees, bool doUpdate=true)
void setDirtyFields (const QSet< IncidenceBase::Field > &)
virtual void setDuration (const Duration &duration)
void setHasDuration (bool hasDuration)
void setOrganizer (const Person &organizer)
void setOrganizer (const QString &organizer)
void setUid (const QString &uid)
void setUrl (const QUrl &url)
void startUpdates ()
QString uid () const
void unRegisterObserver (IncidenceObserver *observer)
void update ()
void updated ()
QUrl uri () const
QUrl url () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::CustomProperties
 CustomProperties (const CustomProperties &other)
QMap< QByteArray, QStringcustomProperties () const
QString customProperty (const QByteArray &app, const QByteArray &key) const
QString nonKDECustomProperty (const QByteArray &name) const
QString nonKDECustomPropertyParameters (const QByteArray &name) const
CustomPropertiesoperator= (const CustomProperties &other)
bool operator== (const CustomProperties &properties) const
void removeCustomProperty (const QByteArray &app, const QByteArray &key)
void removeNonKDECustomProperty (const QByteArray &name)
void setCustomProperties (const QMap< QByteArray, QString > &properties)
void setCustomProperty (const QByteArray &app, const QByteArray &key, const QString &value)
void setNonKDECustomProperty (const QByteArray &name, const QString &value, const QString &parameters=QString())

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from KCalendarCore::Todo
typedef QList< PtrList
typedef QSharedPointer< TodoPtr
- Public Types inherited from KCalendarCore::Incidence
typedef QList< PtrList
typedef QSharedPointer< IncidencePtr
enum  RelType
enum  Secrecy
enum  Status
- Public Types inherited from KCalendarCore::IncidenceBase
enum  DateTimeRole
enum  Field
enum  IncidenceType
typedef QSharedPointer< IncidenceBasePtr
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::Todo
static QLatin1String todoMimeType ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::Incidence
static QStringList mimeTypes ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::IncidenceBase
static quint32 magicSerializationIdentifier ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::CustomProperties
static QByteArray customPropertyName (const QByteArray &app, const QByteArray &key)
- Public Attributes inherited from KCalendarCore::Incidence
- Public Attributes inherited from KCalendarCore::IncidenceBase
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::Todo
IncidenceBaseassign (const IncidenceBase &other) override
bool equals (const IncidenceBase &todo) const override
void virtual_hook (VirtualHook id, void *data) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::Incidence
 Incidence (const Incidence &other, IncidencePrivate *p)
void deserialize (QDataStream &in) override
void serialize (QDataStream &out) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from KCalendarCore::IncidenceBase
KCALENDARCORE_NO_EXPORT IncidenceBase (const IncidenceBase &ib, IncidenceBasePrivate *p)
void customPropertyUpdate () override
void customPropertyUpdated () override
void setFieldDirty (IncidenceBase::Field field)
- Protected Attributes inherited from KCalendarCore::IncidenceBase
bool mReadOnly

Detailed Description

Represents a single task (or todo)

Daniel Vrátil

Definition at line 28 of file task.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Task() [1/3]

Task::Task ( )


Definition at line 23 of file task.cpp.

◆ Task() [2/3]

Task::Task ( const Task & other)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 30 of file task.cpp.

◆ Task() [3/3]

Task::Task ( const KCalendarCore::Todo & other)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 37 of file task.cpp.

◆ ~Task()

Task::~Task ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ deleted()

bool Task::deleted ( ) const

Returns whether the task has been deleted.

Definition at line 69 of file task.cpp.

◆ operator==()

bool Task::operator== ( const Task & other) const

Definition at line 46 of file task.cpp.

◆ setDeleted()

void Task::setDeleted ( bool deleted)

Sets whether the task has been deleted.


Definition at line 64 of file task.cpp.

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