MessageComposer::PluginEditorCheckBeforeSendParams Class Reference

#include <plugineditorcheckbeforesendparams.h>

Public Member Functions

 PluginEditorCheckBeforeSendParams (const PluginEditorCheckBeforeSendParams &other)
QString bccAddresses () const
QString ccAddresses () const
QString defaultDomain () const
bool hasAttachment () const
uint identity () const
bool isHtmlMail () const
PluginEditorCheckBeforeSendParamsoperator= (const PluginEditorCheckBeforeSendParams &other)
bool operator== (const PluginEditorCheckBeforeSendParams &other) const
QString plainText () const
void setBccAddresses (const QString &lst)
void setCcAddresses (const QString &lst)
void setDefaultDomain (const QString &domain)
void setHasAttachment (bool b)
void setHtmlMail (bool html)
void setIdentity (uint currentIdentity)
void setPlainText (const QString &text)
void setSubject (const QString &subject)
void setToAddresses (const QString &lst)
void setTransportId (int id)
QString subject () const
QString toAddresses () const
int transportId () const

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