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#include <csshelperbase.h>

Inheritance diagram for MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase:

Public Types

enum  InlineMessageType {
  Positive, Information, Warning, Error,

Public Member Functions

 CSSHelperBase (const QPaintDevice *pd)
QString addEndBlockQuote (int numberBlock) const
QString addStartBlockQuote (int numberBlock) const
QFont bodyFont (bool fixedFont=false, bool printing=false) const
QString cssDefinitions (const HtmlHeadSettings &) const
QString extraCommonCss (const QString &headerFont) const
QString extraPrintCss (const QString &headerFont) const
QString extraScreenCss (const QString &headerFont) const
virtual QString htmlHead (const HtmlHeadSettings &) const
QString nonQuotedFontTag () const
QColor pgpWarnColor () const
QColor quoteColor (int level) const
QString quoteColorName (int level) const
QString quoteFontTag (int level) const
void setBodyFont (const QFont &font)
void setHeaderPlugin (const HeaderStylePlugin *headerPlugin)
void setPrintFont (const QFont &font)

Protected Member Functions

void recalculatePGPColors ()

Protected Attributes

QColor cInlineMessage [MESSAGE_TYPE_COUNT]
QColor cPgpEncrB
QColor cPgpEncrF
QColor cPgpEncrH
QColor cPgpEncrHT
QColor cPgpErrB
QColor cPgpErrF
QColor cPgpErrH
QColor cPgpErrHT
QColor cPgpOk0B
QColor cPgpOk0F
QColor cPgpOk0H
QColor cPgpOk0HT
QColor cPgpOk1B
QColor cPgpOk1F
QColor cPgpOk1H
QColor cPgpOk1HT
QColor cPgpWarnB
QColor cPgpWarnF
QColor cPgpWarnH
QColor cPgpWarnHT
QString imgHideUrl
QString imgShowUrl
QColor mBackgroundColor
QFont mBodyFont
QFont mFixedFont
QFont mFixedPrintFont
QColor mForegroundColor
QColor mLinkColor
QFont mPrintFont
QColor mQuoteColor [3]
QFont mQuoteFont
bool mRecycleQuoteColors = false
bool mShrinkQuotes = false
bool mUseBrowserColor = false

Detailed Description

The CSSHelperBase class.

Definition at line 26 of file csshelperbase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CSSHelperBase()

MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase::CSSHelperBase ( const QPaintDevice pd)

Construct a CSSHelper object and set its font and color settings to default values.

Sub-Classes should put their config loading here.

Definition at line 69 of file csshelperbase.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cssDefinitions()

QString MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase::cssDefinitions ( const HtmlHeadSettings &  htmlHeadSetting) const
The collected CSS definitions as a string

Definition at line 185 of file csshelperbase.cpp.

◆ htmlHead()

QString MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase::htmlHead ( const HtmlHeadSettings &  htmlHeadSettings) const
HTML head including style sheet definitions and the >body< tag

Reimplemented in MessageViewer::CSSHelper.

Definition at line 194 of file csshelperbase.cpp.

◆ nonQuotedFontTag()

QString MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase::nonQuotedFontTag ( ) const
a <div> start tag with embedded style information suitable for non-quoted text

Definition at line 236 of file csshelperbase.cpp.

◆ quoteColor()

QColor MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase::quoteColor ( int  level) const
the quote color for the given level, where level ranges from 0 to 2

Definition at line 770 of file csshelperbase.cpp.

◆ quoteFontTag()

QString MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase::quoteFontTag ( int  level) const
a <div> start tag with embedded style information suitable for quoted text with quote level level

Definition at line 203 of file csshelperbase.cpp.

◆ recalculatePGPColors()

void MessageViewer::CSSHelperBase::recalculatePGPColors ( )

Recalculate PGP frame and body colors (should be called after changing color settings)

Definition at line 81 of file csshelperbase.cpp.

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