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MessageViewer::DKIMInfo Class Reference

#include <dkiminfo.h>

Public Types

enum  CanonicalizationType { Unknown, Simple, Relaxed }
enum  HashingAlgorithmType { Any, Sha1, Sha256, Unknown }

Public Member Functions

QString agentOrUserIdentifier () const
CanonicalizationType bodyCanonization () const
QString bodyHash () const
int bodyLengthCount () const
QStringList copiedHeaderField () const
QString domain () const
qint64 expireTime () const
HashingAlgorithmType hashingAlgorithm () const
CanonicalizationType headerCanonization () const
QString iDomain () const
bool isValid () const
QStringList listSignedHeader () const
bool operator== (const DKIMInfo &other) const
bool parseDKIM (const QString &header)
QString query () const
QString selector () const
void setAgentOrUserIdentifier (const QString &agentOrUserIdentifier)
void setBodyCanonization (CanonicalizationType bodyCanonization)
void setBodyHash (const QString &bodyHash)
void setBodyLengthCount (int bodyLengthCount)
void setCopiedHeaderField (const QStringList &copiedHeaderField)
void setDomain (const QString &domain)
void setExpireTime (qint64 expireTime)
void setHashingAlgorithm (DKIMInfo::HashingAlgorithmType type)
void setHeaderCanonization (CanonicalizationType headerCanonization)
void setIDomain (const QString &iDomain)
void setListSignedHeader (const QStringList &listSignedHeader)
void setQuery (const QString &query)
void setSelector (const QString &selector)
void setSignature (const QString &signature)
void setSignatureTimeStamp (qint64 signatureTimeStamp)
void setSigningAlgorithm (const QString &signingAlgorithm)
void setVersion (int version)
QString signature () const
qint64 signatureTimeStamp () const
QString signingAlgorithm () const
int version () const

Detailed Description

The DKIMInfo class.

Laurent Montel monte[email protected][email protected][email protected]

Definition at line 19 of file dkiminfo.h.

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