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MessageViewer::Interface::BodyPartURLHandler Class Referenceabstract

#include <bodyparturlhandler.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool handleClick (MessageViewer::Viewer *viewerInstance, MimeTreeParser::Interface::BodyPart *part, const QString &path) const =0
virtual bool handleContextMenuRequest (MimeTreeParser::Interface::BodyPart *part, const QString &path, const QPoint &p) const =0
virtual QString name () const =0
virtual QString statusBarMessage (MimeTreeParser::Interface::BodyPart *part, const QString &path) const =0

Detailed Description

An interface to body part reader link handlers.

Marc Mutz

This interface is a condensed of variant of the more general

See also
URLHandler interface, designed to make bodypart-dependent link operations possible without exposing KMail-internal classes.

Implementation-wise, these handlers are called as a nested Chain Of Responsibility by an internal implementation of URLHandler.

You can create a link whose handling is passed to this handler by using BodyPart::makeLink( const QString & path ). path is what * is passed back to the methods of this interface.

Note that the BodyPart interface does not provide a means of learning the content type of the body part passed. This is intentional. It is expected that either separate BodyPartURLHandlers are created for these purposes or else the information encoded into the path parameter by the BodyPartFormatter.

Definition at line 56 of file bodyparturlhandler.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ handleClick()

virtual bool MessageViewer::Interface::BodyPartURLHandler::handleClick ( MessageViewer::Viewer * viewerInstance,
MimeTreeParser::Interface::BodyPart * part,
const QString & path ) const
pure virtual

Called when LMB-clicking on a link in the reader.

Should start processing equivalent to "opening" the link.

true if the click was handled by this handler, false otherwise.

◆ handleContextMenuRequest()

virtual bool MessageViewer::Interface::BodyPartURLHandler::handleContextMenuRequest ( MimeTreeParser::Interface::BodyPart * part,
const QString & path,
const QPoint & p ) const
pure virtual

Called when RMB-clicking on a link in the reader.

Should show a context menu at the specified point with the specified widget as parent.

true if the right-click was handled by this handler, false otherwise.

◆ statusBarMessage()

virtual QString MessageViewer::Interface::BodyPartURLHandler::statusBarMessage ( MimeTreeParser::Interface::BodyPart * part,
const QString & path ) const
pure virtual

Called when hovering over a link.

a string to be shown in the status bar while hovering over this link or QString() if the link was not handled by this handler.

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