WebEngineViewer::WebEnginePage Class Reference

#include <webenginepage.h>

Inheritance diagram for WebEngineViewer::WebEnginePage:


void showConsoleMessage (const QString &message)
void urlClicked (const QUrl &url)

Public Member Functions

 WebEnginePage (QObject *parent=nullptr)
WEBENGINEVIEWER_DEPRECATED WebEnginePage (QWebEngineProfile *profile, QObject *parent=nullptr)
virtual ~WebEnginePage () override=default
bool execPrintPreviewPage (QPrinter *printer, int timeout)
WebEngineViewer::WebHitTesthitTestContent (const QPoint &pos)
QPoint mapToViewport (const QPoint &pos) const
void saveHtml (QWebEngineDownloadItem *download)

Protected Member Functions

bool acceptNavigationRequest (const QUrl &url, NavigationType type, bool isMainFrame) override
void javaScriptConsoleMessage (JavaScriptConsoleMessageLevel level, const QString &message, int lineNumber, const QString &sourceID) override

Detailed Description

The WebEnginePage class.

Laurent Montel monte[email protected][email protected][email protected]e.org

Definition at line 21 of file webenginepage.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WebEnginePage::WebEnginePage ( QObject parent = nullptr)


A private QWebEngineProfile, only applying to this QWebEnginePage, will be created to implement browser settings. It can be accessed via profile(), but it should not be shared or reused unless care is taken that the profile is not deleted until all of the QWebEnginePage's belonging to it are deleted first.

parentThe parent object

Definition at line 24 of file webenginepage.cpp.

WebEnginePage::WebEnginePage ( QWebEngineProfile *  profile,
QObject parent = nullptr 


The specified QWebEngineProfile will be used. See the description of WebEnginePage(QObject *) and the API documentation of QWebEnginePage for caution regarding the lifetime of the profile.

profileThe profile to be used
parentThe parent object
Use the single argument constructor, which creates and uses a private profile.

Definition at line 46 of file webenginepage.cpp.

virtual WebEngineViewer::WebEnginePage::~WebEnginePage ( )


If there is a private QWebEngineProfile then it will also be destroyed.

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