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KGantt::DateTimeScaleFormatter Class Reference

#include <kganttdatetimegrid.h>

Public Types

enum  Range {
  Second, Minute, Hour, Day,
  Week, Month, Year

Public Member Functions

 DateTimeScaleFormatter (Range range, const QString &formatString, Qt::Alignment alignment=Qt::AlignCenter)
 DateTimeScaleFormatter (Range range, const QString &formatString, const QString &templ, Qt::Alignment alignment=Qt::AlignCenter)
 DateTimeScaleFormatter (const DateTimeScaleFormatter &other)
Qt::Alignment alignment () const
virtual QDateTime currentRangeBegin (const QDateTime &datetime) const
QString format () const
QString format (const QDateTime &datetime) const
virtual QDateTime nextRangeBegin (const QDateTime &datetime) const
DateTimeScaleFormatteroperator= (const DateTimeScaleFormatter &other)
Range range () const
virtual QString text (const QDateTime &datetime) const

Detailed Description

This class formats dates and times used in DateTimeGrid follawing a given format.

The format follows the format of QDateTime::toString(), with one addition: "w" is replaced with the week number of the date as number without a leading zero (1-53) "ww" is replaced with the week number of the date as number with a leading zero (01-53)

For example:

// formatter to print the complete date over the current week
// This leads to the first day of the week being printed
DateTimeScaleFormatter formatter = DateTimeScaleFormatter( DateTimeScaleFormatter::Week, "yyyy-MM-dd" );

Optionally, you can set an user defined text alignment flag. The default value is Qt::AlignCenter.

See also

This class even controls the range of the grid sections.

See also

Definition at line 309 of file kganttdatetimegrid.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DateTimeScaleFormatter::DateTimeScaleFormatter ( Range  range,
const QString formatString,
Qt::Alignment  alignment = Qt::AlignCenter 

Creates a DateTimeScaleFormatter using range and format. The text on the header is aligned following alignment.

Definition at line 80 of file kganttdatetimegrid.cpp.

DateTimeScaleFormatter::DateTimeScaleFormatter ( const DateTimeScaleFormatter other)
The format being used for formatting dates and times.

Definition at line 85 of file kganttdatetimegrid.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QDateTime DateTimeScaleFormatter::currentRangeBegin ( const QDateTime datetime) const
the QDateTime being the begin of the range containing datetime
See also

Definition at line 195 of file kganttdatetimegrid.cpp.

QString DateTimeScaleFormatter::format ( ) const
The format string

Definition at line 106 of file kganttdatetimegrid.cpp.

QString DateTimeScaleFormatter::format ( const QDateTime datetime) const
The datetime as string respecting the format.

Definition at line 112 of file kganttdatetimegrid.cpp.

QDateTime DateTimeScaleFormatter::nextRangeBegin ( const QDateTime datetime) const
the QDateTime being the begin of the range after the one containing datetime
See also

Definition at line 142 of file kganttdatetimegrid.cpp.

DateTimeScaleFormatter::Range DateTimeScaleFormatter::range ( ) const
The range of each item on a DateTimeGrid header.
See also

Definition at line 131 of file kganttdatetimegrid.cpp.

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