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 NKGanttGlobal namespace
 CAbstractGridAbstract baseclass for grids. A grid is used to convert between QModelIndex'es and gantt chart values (qreals) and to paint the background and header of the view
 CAbstractRowControllerAbstract baseclass for row controllers. A row controller is used by the GraphicsView to nagivate the model and to determine the row geometries
 CConstraintA class used to represent a dependency
 CGraphicsViewModel/view implementation of a gantt chart
 CItemDelegateClass used to render gantt items in a KGantt::GraphicsView
 CLegendLegend showing an image and a description for Gantt items
 CPrintingContextOptions for printing the gantt chart
 CSpanA class representing a start point and a length
 CStyleOptionGanttItemQStyleOption subclass for gantt items
 CSummaryHandlingProxyModelProxy model that supports summary gantt items
 CViewThis widget that consists of a QTreeView and a GraphicsView
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