KWindowConfig Namespace Reference


KCONFIGGUI_EXPORT void restoreWindowSize (QWindow *window, const KConfigGroup &config)
KCONFIGGUI_EXPORT void saveWindowSize (const QWindow *window, KConfigGroup &config, KConfigGroup::WriteConfigFlags options=KConfigGroup::Normal)

Detailed Description

Save and load window sizes into a config.

Function Documentation

void KWindowConfig::restoreWindowSize ( QWindow window,
const KConfigGroup config 

Restores the dialog's size from the configuration according to the screen size.

If you're calling this from a constructor (for a mainwindow or dialog, for instance) you should first call winId() so that a QWindow is created, then you can call windowHandle() to pass to this method.

Example code:

create(); // ensure there's a window created
const QSize availableSize = windowHandle()->screen()->availableSize();
windowHandle()->resize(availableSize.width() * 0.7, availableSize.height() * 0.5); // default size
KWindowConfig::restoreWindowSize(windowHandle(), KSharedConfig::openConfig()->group("MyDialog"));
resize(windowHandle()->size()); // workaround for QTBUG-40584
the group must be set before calling
windowThe window to restore size.
configThe config group to read from.

Definition at line 48 of file kwindowconfig.cpp.

void KWindowConfig::saveWindowSize ( const QWindow window,
KConfigGroup config,
KConfigGroup::WriteConfigFlags  options = KConfigGroup::Normal 

Saves the window's size dependent on the screen dimension either to the global or application config file.

the group must be set before calling
windowThe window to save size.
configThe config group to read from.
optionspassed to KConfigGroup::writeEntry()

Definition at line 16 of file kwindowconfig.cpp.

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